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  1. Well, I always say that corruption must be rooted out. \_/^,^\_/
  2. The lack of news is annoying, yes. But crime doesn't take holidays, and neither do I.
  3. Still longing for that Darryl Kent one though. It may not be in my hands, but it will always be in my heart. Got a Prophet personal customised case now tho.... ;_;
  4. Older xmas events used to give an Unluck for a non-standard F2P weapon like the Cobra or the Far. (Which, granted, required atleast 4~5 days of ingame farming and then still costs 16.000APB$ for 2 weeks)
  5. And in the darkest of nights. The heavens opened through the power of Christmas cheer and there was heard: "SHAZZAM!"
  6. Holy potatoes LO! I love you I love you I love you I love you! I'm gonna start playing the game again. Tbh, I will say that the AR-Misery is very very buffed (but in my prolonged experience the accuracy modifers numbers on shot still make it neccesary for the player to 'control' the weapon), but the rest looks really really nice. I was scared upon reading percussion at first, but with the PIG stam-dmg upped I feel like that is a healthy change. Maybe APB is ready for a nerfed PIG but buffed TG-8 (1 shot less + more accurcay?) or other LTL weaponry though. If I don't use PIG for stunning with primary intent (with lethal primary weapon) I am 'trolling'.
  7. well no, not for everyone (I also use four fingers for the WASD, it is the law!), but I feel like shutting that brainprocess down can actualy enhance gameplay focus. I don't know about you but holding sprint is always on my mind, somewhere inside the great depths of subconscience. I would feel so less-stressed and the gameplay would feel much more simple with such a simple alteration.
  8. As an assault rifle player I would like to say towards these changes: N-TEC 7 'Ursus' - meh OCA-EW 626 - meh! OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' -WHAT ):< Colby PMG - okayish Obeya CAP40 'Sergeant' - WHAT, THIS IS BUFFED? ):< FAR - WHAT? ):< ATAC 424 - an actual okay change that was a good step N-TEC 5 - W-H-A-T??? I cannot >WAIT< to tell my friends that the N-TEC actually got a buff instead of a good stat change Colby SNR 850 - meh OBIR - an actual good change that was a great step Stabba - PIG - dead, completely overnerfed the backbone of LTL and no matter how hard I try with the tg-8 the reduced control AND the more bullets needed just can't work for me. LTL is officialy dead(er) N-HVR 243 'Scout' - an actual okay change that was a good step N-HVR 762 - an actual okay change that was a good step S1-NA 'Manic' - an actual okay change that was a good step Joker SR-15 Carbine - meh ACT 44 - W-H-A-T ):< Colby RSA - what, that acc regain is insane ):< N-ISSR-B - meh STAR: (10->25) (Nerf) - W_H_A_T D:< FAR: (10->25) (Nerf) - W_H_A_T D:< ATAC: (6.5->18) (Nerf) - :I COBR-A: (7->12) (Nerf) W_H_A_T D:< Obeya CR762: 100 -> 105 (Buff) - okay Colby M-1922: 280 -> 300 (Buff) - okay R-2 Harbinger: 25 -> 28 (Buff) - wait so you know this gun exists?/ okay NFAS True Ogre: 84 -> 90 (Buff) - meh RHD LS1 Corsair: 32 -> 35 (Buff) - meh SBSR Rifle: 35 -> 32 (Nerf) - WHAT ):< SBSR Sniper: 35 -> 32 (Nerf) - WHAT ):< FAR Reserve ammo: 128 -> 120 (Nerf) W_H_A_T D:< guess the meta now consists entirely of smg's, snipers and Ntecs. Yea no im good for a while apb
  9. To be honest I do think that it is a little advantage that you create over others. Same like auto-reloading in TF2. You can joker-carbine/FBW run much more effectively with it as you can have your fingers at full control over the WASD-keys.
  10. Ah yes, morals. "That is your big idea huh? Giving every yahoo in this town a license to roam the streets armed?" -last words before San Paro fell into chaos
  11. I assume the other 50 missions are the ones where enforcers can defend now that the defenders side is FINALY getting some nerfs? Oh wait hold on, I will be back soon. Just carrying this package in a car and driving away after the enemy did 7 stages OK
  12. Greetings people, what is going on here. *reads since when is removing smoke and muzzle flash against rules?* me, who uses the given advanced launcher from LO because my pc is potato and reduced particles cause grenades simply cause lag: Oh dear. Also me who read the entirety of the TOS: Wait I didn't quite catch that. \_/^^\_/ I promise I can change Harold xD
  13. Lots of good news in a big big bundle. I absolutely love these steps you are taking, I think this is very healthy progress indeed!
  14. Hoozah! I have been summoned! What is going on here? .... By the Emperor....
  15. Why even. Why must people be so blindfolded by their own ignorance and keep asking the same question over and over again. Yes, you can corrupt however you like. Yes, [insert obvious statement that is still frequently asked 1] Yes, [insert obvious statement that is still frequently asked 2] It is already hard enough to live among you degenerates so don't make this more difficult than it has to be. You people are like gamers who play games for the graphics and not the gameplay -_- wHC2PsBuJFv=v keH1WVt54Pz=v
  16. I'm liking these shotgun changes (for prototype district)! Not sure what the community thinks about this but for someone who spent some muns in the apocalypse bundle its good to see that the Strife now really stands for something. And yes, the csg just got JUST AS spammy as the Joker Gunworks, but that's a sacrifise I am willing to make -,^
  17. Must be my metal face but I see some connections in psychological mentallity and decisionmaking happening right here.... Can't say I expected otherwise ofcourse.
  18. Not to be a drag but.... Toy Soldier – Become the Nutcracker Prince – Rewards the Tile: Toy Soldier and the Soldier Jacket (M/F) Rewards the >Tile< should probaply be >Title< Now that I got some input to this, can we expect another 'complete large objective and gain the privilage to buy a non-standard gun (0/X-Mods) from contacts'?
  19. So... Can I safely purchase it NOW or should I technicly wait a bit? (im going for Old Glory itself anyway, so its not a huge sum from me this time)
  20. Im gonna be honest. For someone who needs a new smartphone case anyway since time spares nothing.... This is actually hotdarn AWESOME. Love it!
  21. Reading the "Mobile APB game" with Clenched teeth and even harder clenched buttcheeks. The cringe when thinking of APB on mobile platform is just too much. THEN I saw your link and looked at images exactly how I would have imagined it xD. Hope it works LO, but I'm a little sceptical about this 'Mobile APB game'.... If ANYTHING from APB goes to tencent then the final month of APB marches onwards. NEVER get your business into tencent territory. Not allied nor hostile. Just evade it like the plague
  22. Aww shooks. Guess we can only complain now about purchasing those precious weaponry to only see them later be added in for 3K JT : P Why buy something for 60 bucks when you can just handpick that specific weapon you like from the bundles for some >JT<? \_/^^\_/
  23. But what if she would allready be sickofit? Oh noes! What have we done! D-: Also, RIP Selali lines ;__;
  24. Is ANYTHING live or on the OTW yet? I am eager to try stuff out! As a spender of goodmoney 4 the Revelations pack (ofcourse my own decision and not a cry for pity), I do like that the Strife is "not" getting a nerf in the shotgun rework/nerfs. The Strife is that big bertha of shotguns, the real typical one. Deal damage (with offset of being slow here). It just feels the most shotgunny of all shotguns tbh.
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