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  1. They want to put APB in Epic Games Store?? WTF
  2. I was referring to Matt's monthly posts. dfaq you saying
  3. are you ded or something guys? No news for a while...
  4. Any way to get that kit for my crim char? https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=64&subcatID=251&productId=2645
  5. So you come here and insult them, I think you deserve it Just the way you react. A normal person simply opens a ticket to support to solve the case. I have seen you with several tickets on the forum insulting LO.
  6. Happy anniversary! but I want to see the new car :C
  7. Nah, just kidding, unfortunately we will never have that sound. But my question is, how can I change the sound of the engine in the Vegas 4x4. And I know it is possible since some people have it. Their Vegas sound like they always have the NOS on. Any ideas?
  8. New players don't even open the tutorial to learn how to play. And you expect them to read that? The devs have put time and effort in creating a tutorial with rewards for new players who don't even use it and prefer to bother spaming silly questions in the chat Now you want them to waste time with this other one?
  9. whyy dude, its medicine.. The only drug we have here in game... cmon...
  10. You think all of us who are playing this game. We haven't had to start someday. And we've played back in the days of GamersFirst (they really didn't care about hackers). Only the difference is, we've kept playing regardless. And we don't cry at every forum post. So less cheap sarcasm. And more training.
  11. Yee well, not every noob and unskill kid can play here
  12. Separate what? There are only 2 players left. If you separate them .... That is a good idea for lot of players but not right now....
  13. Why does everyone still say that HVR and PSR are OP? Yesterday in a mission against someone using OSCAR. After every kill, he whispered "ez" to me. So I replied, "You are using OSCAR, and you tell me ez?" And he said... "You're using a heavy rifle..." (PSR). I was like WTF... Since when are PSR or HVR are OP? After all the nerfs...
  14. nndrei

    Loyalty rewards bug

    Nop the Redeem codes are empty. Ok I will try make a ticket to support. Thanks
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