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  1. Most people play baylan for JT and most of the missions to get JT is kill oriented so there is really 0 reasons to have a territory control in there. I never go for them anyways but now it is harder to find people compared to before. Asylum is a whole different thing.
  2. Something like this, Or at least a kit for the kurai!
  3. I used the obir a lot before i quit 3 years ago or something? For me it felt like it has an flipped L spread. 2 shots in a straight line and the third one to the bottom right so often did i hit 2 well placed burst before my target got some ranged and on the third burst the last bullet would hit to the right of my target. Might just be a me thing but i saw it so often that it made me drop the Obir for a long time.
  4. im pretty sure no one liked that either, take all the shredder posts and swap the csg in and its like apb took a time machine back to 2012 I've seen more shotgun hate in the last few weeks than i ever saw CSG hatel. The only thing that i feel should be fixed is the shredder and maybe the thumber? Alltho i am not sure about the latter as i don't care for that kind of shotguns so haven't used it enough myself.
  5. Nerf the legendary rocket launcher. The rest doesn't matter.
  6. I've seen like 15 since i started playing in march 2017 and then maybe 30 that might be cheating or was lucky/really good. From the sound of people there is 35 cheaters every game they play... Reminds me of APB but with less actual cheaters.
  7. This is not where i parked my car.. And Hello Tobii!
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