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  1. kills wont count as its cancer to those who are trying to get the titles. which pros doesnt let them not so good players achieve , yet LO created another event where they dont cater for not so good players yesterday i played the froste event for the ice king title my team won event restarts before anyone could get their rewards
  2. yes i went out of game completeley and back in stil,same prob says account not active and i cant add stuff to cart or check out coz it says in that block account not active
  3. i cant add stuff to cart in armas or buy stuff because it says my account not active why ?
  4. if thats gona be done then revert the nerf on ogre aswell seeing that were on the reverting
  5. when will we have the choice again to move to a different server jericho is dead
  6. yeah man games realy biting it hard
  7. guys need help i have 3 chars on my 1 account i can login with 2 but the last one i cant as it kicks me to login with disconnecting message
  8. and ogre is pretty much useless now seeing that IR3 makes -18% fire rate on it u can use CJ3 but u loose range wasnt a good idea to change IR3 so basically we are back to how the ogre was at the first introduction slow fire rate auto shotgun
  9. yes ooof raging coz of my questions lol ? did i hurt ur feelings ? come on were on forum if u have a problem let it out toxic players is another problem we have in apb
  10. yeah i am a veteran been playing for 9 years and 3 months and 26 days to be exact have 9 accounts 2 chars each all maxed
  11. 1. when are hackers gona be dealt with 2.how will we know if battleye is banning people to make sure it works 3.when will the russian server be fixed so that the russians have their own server because currently they spamming chat 4.when will fairfight be adressed as we havent seen any progress 5.will dethreaters be banned as in my opinion was illegal before u took over but wasnt (ENFORCED) 6. o and one last thing that i was asked to ask is this is a 18+ game saying bad words can get u banned or silenced yet ingame contacts use harsher words ? 7. we dont want a BATTLE ROYALE mode in apb as this can destroy new players from entering 8. we dont need a BR seeing that we already have 2 different fight clubs already baylan and abington towers and i will have more questions soon
  12. Clearly u not that good at nhvr thats why u want it to be nerfed
  13. Im being serious here stop complaining over stuff that works learn new skills to tackle those kinda situations like i said 8f u bring nerfing up on nhvr the we going to press for the nerfing of ntec and yukon aswell and no im not trolling rather than nerfing the nhvr learn to use it
  14. If they wana nerf the nhvr then they must nerf the ntec and yukon aswell seeing that we are on the nerfing topic
  15. Nhvr need no changes the players need to learn skills to evade snipers why change something that works its the same like i say go nerf the yukon or csg shotguns it doesnt need to be weakened or improved
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