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  1. Iam online now. After a long time the launcher finished its job. So far so good but something is not right here.
  2. Looks like it did not help. After a painfull long time the updating process was done, the yellow bar is full now. Still im stuck in the launcher as the grey button above does not move beyond 30% or so. Now this is a serious problem. I hope any advice will come. ps sorry if my mediocre english makes it hard to understand my posting at times
  3. i just uninstalled the game. Downloading again (this time via Steam) worked just as expected and was done after 9 mins. Unfortunatley then the updating process started within the launcher. At the begining at 10 KB/s but that was the high point. Speed declined steadily and is actually at 500 bytes/s. Painfull to watch. Ill keep u updated.
  4. Hello, yesterday everything worked fine. Now when i try to start APB the launcher opens, but its stuck in the uploading process. (actuall running for 7 mins) Any suggestions? This is really a bummer
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