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  1. @mrchan Maybe....maybe that's why I haven't seen anything "that bad" today...
  2. Seriously, if Lixil thinks THIS is toxic behavior...I feel bad for her since she obviously had no idea what the community is like...its been like this since the very beginning of RTW. It hasn't changed, and it won't change. This week was an extremely mild level of "toxicity" for the forums...in fact it seemed rather well-behaved and positive. Just wait until the master trolls come back....it's a whole other level.
  3. Lol puff you're funny, calling it a 'begging thread' and then nominating yourself. Lol The concept of constructive, unbiased advice is lost on like, 90% of this community. Literally no one has offered up a list of potential people (other than electing themselves.) Shouldn't have even bothered making the topic since no one seems to be able to contribute. Oh well. I guess just as long as the person who was Mod20 :cough cough: is not chosen again, I'll be happy. Edit: @spee, yeah, sadira would be great. She's also ingame like...every single day...for many years now. She'd most definitely be one of the most active.
  4. @pgaw I am not interested in filling the position. There's another thread for people to talk about power abuse in. This thread is for listing people we feel would be best for it.
  5. I made this thread NOT to make a big discussion about the level of power GM'S or mods would have...that has already been discussed and established. This thread is for people to contribute their two-cents on who would be BEST to fill the positions. Just some constructive input on what is already inevitable.
  6. @cookie Yes those are imprtant qualifications...but those are just statistics that they can view. I think it goes a little deeper as well...because there are members who meet all those prerequisites who have proven to be unfit to wield any form of authority or power. Some people who backed up everything tiggs said and did and "fairfight is never wrong, all people on ff cheated" etc and witch-hunted, along with some of the forum Moderators who banned based on personal reasons other than the Terms of Service, but were never repremanded or questioned. Which is why I think it'd be helpful to acknowledge people who actually would be good at the job from people who know more about the individual community members.
  7. Yes, only people who want to should do it...just picked people who have been active since like..the beginning. Ppl who 'probably' would want to...then again idk if they would or not. Also...not sure what adititional responsibilities or permissions they'd have....sounded to me exactly the same as SPCM role. If you have any other details about it, that'd be good.
  8. Made a topic for nominating who we think would make good GM's. Go add ur lists to it.
  9. Pretty sure iplumbum is just trolling. I'd like to see ur list, plum.
  10. As Lixil clarified, the player GM'S she will be selecting will NOT have the full-reign that previous GM'S had... They will basically act as the new SPCM (San Paro city Mentors). I wanted to throw in my two cents on a few members who would fit the position . -members with long-standing, clean records -who are and have been continually active for many many years -nonconfrontational, level-headed people -positive, helpful people -Sadira Always available. Everyone knows Sadira. She is nice. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/472-sadira/ -Revoluzzer Arguably the longest standing member of the community who has continuously been active on the forums all these years. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/1058-revoluzzer/ Bellenettiel- extremely positive person with one of the highest post counts. Very nonconfrontational and level-headed https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/35-bellenettiel/ Genobee- Can't remember a time when Genobee wasn't around. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/273-genobee/ Anyone else think of any people who would be particularly good for the position? (Don't nominate yourself.)
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