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  1. Well this sucks if it's true, cause I was banned a little before the merge...not sure how many months i was inactive because of it, but I would have logged in to reserve my names if u could have.
  2. @necromancer66 That's different. My character's were joker/colby characters. someone else must've shared my name on the opposing colby/joker servers. But ppl already answered my question anyways... So I lost my names and will have to rename when I login. Either way, I hope LO waits a couple weeks at least before wiping the old names....cause a lot of the pre-merge people still are dealing with the support ticket processes.
  3. Thanks! Cause I had the name "kitty" which is pretty rare...but now it's got the string on it. Also kinda wondering about my PurpleCat gun being given out in joker boxes in Nekrova....since I won that in a contest and they changed the info about it on the apbdb....that's my gun... But I'll file a ticket for it when I get back from vacation I guess. :3
  4. Yes it did, however I am on vacation and can't currently log in until I get home next week.... And my character "kitty", along with all y other chars, are appearing as merged to Jericho, but with a long string of random numbers/letters attached to them...which sucks. @lixil why do several of my character's now have strings of numbers/letters attached to them???
  5. @bxnnxd - for some reason i highly doubt it. i mean unless you played since beta rtw. or unless you were on colby/jericho. in that case, maybe you're just senile. oh yeh forgot about this one too.
  6. I'd just like to take this moment to create a quality thread.
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