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  1. So there is no point of doing this merge like this , like ‘80-90%’ of innova players’ purchases from RU-ARMAS , but you guys simply can actually remove the items and etc. which you don’t have on EU, and about the money, some players have more than billions , but some of them got less than 100k , its unfair , like those people who have more than billions can actually buy all weapons from ingame auction, so , what about the other ones? Or still dont merge this , its meaningless , , like noone wants to walk around with naked and empty accounts,that would be good if you keep at least the ‘clothing’. Dont merge even after the RIOT thing , try to contact with Innova database or whatever it is.
  2. mb stop give attention to every silver, this topic was made not for this purpose Okie dokie ;)
  3. MY ingame nicknames : bxbble/sterl , dumbass , go learn more info , and where are the all of these nonames ? and i am not russki , please get a life before trying to be cool in here , but u r not cool
  4. AHAHAHA thats NOT ME Dumb , go get more info about me and im not a emigrant , why would you be mad if you dont have skill to join tournament? Just practice more my friend , more And btw where are these noonames ? I cant see them after BattlEye , huh?
  5. u sure? Cuz there are already 5-6 teams..... and who tf needs attention by apb community? Ruskki already owned eu players so i cant see any points in here to being mad.....
  6. So can we check our banned accounts on OTW server during maintenance? Is it Possible ? @Lixil
  7. while maintenance is it possbile to us to log in to our banned accounts on OTW server?
  8. Whats the wrong thing in my english?
  9. lol that sounds childish, i dont think so , just end this topic , ok
  10. so end it , if she said its not from her team then it is . Ok , its enough
  11. lol im chill budd , the problem is on u , u were trying to find something else to discuss lol
  12. I’ve asked this to u , dont answer question with a question , u seriously looking somthing to discuss......
  13. Nice respect APB community , keep it up
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