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  1. there is no point to contact support, cuz i'll die faster than support will answer
  2. It wasn't the wrong way to fix HVR. intentionally it's meant to make it so that when you're not fully aimed that you'll suffer damage penalties. You can't critique a system that's not even functioning correctly. even if i will shoot only when my crosshair will be small it still will be fast, so thats already means it was wrong way, idk for me rn even easier to qs cuz im not trying to shoot with big crosshair, so that means i will kill enemy in 90% cases
  3. lol... nice That hvr "nerf" nerfed only jumpshots with hvr Hmm, that shouldn't be possible looks like something must've broke when it was pushed to live. i could do same on otw, cuz it was wrong way to fix hvr, LO should make same system which dmr has now, increase dmg with distance
  4. "the new IR makes the game more interesting" - very interesting play against ntec, which was OP af and now its even more OP, u can kill ppl on 70m with 8 bullets, there is no reason use obir or obeya anymore. Ntec should be good only on middle range, not like now
  5. Shotguns on OTW op af now, with csg u can kill on 30m with 4 shots and on 18-19m with 2 shots. With jg u need 2 shots for 13m. On live server csg killing with 2 shots only on 11m and jg on 9m Stream from OTW
  6. mb stop give attention to every silver, this topic was made not for this purpose
  7. We will not change rules, we played already 3 or 4 tournaments with this rules and we had no problems with it. Anyway u cant make rules for everyone, cuz there is always will be ppl who will whine, so better use old rules
  8. Tournament rules - ENG, RU You can sign up here - https://challonge.com/ru/apbsummercup2018 If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below
  9. The only 1 way to fix HVR its a nefr dmg (reduce atleast to 750), cuz hvr OP not cuz of qs, its OP cuz u can make 850 dmg on every distance, even when u just spawned u already can make 850 dmg, LO should reduce dmg or atleast make same mechanics as DMR has (Increase dmg with distance) Also they should remove jumpshooting with every gun from this game (specialy with OBIR, Ntec, Manic), also they should fix qs system with OBIR (if its not OP tell me then why G1 removed that system from scout) (remove yukon from this game aswell, why is secondary weapon has least TTK?)
  10. Its not Innova, where everyone wanted to play fair without OP weapons, even if we all will be in ts/discord we will not make good rules anyway, did u see good players on this tournaments exept few russian teams? im not, so just imagine what this silvers want to use
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