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  1. we live within buenos aires and we all use fibertel, but it's the only game we have connection issues with, we can play any other game normally but this one.
  2. I'm not sure if this is either currently built in the game, or the servers are kicking me out if I reach certain latency. Let me make this clear, I live in argentina, which is in south america, and since the server merges we lost our server in brazil which means we have to deal with playing in NA. This was never an issue though, we got used to playing in the 140-260ms range, it worked out well, although for a few months now me and my teammates that are also from this region started to experiment constant DC's, wether that'd be while sitting in social or in a mission, it's not just once every few minutes, it's constant disconnections 2 to 10 minutes into the game. It came to the point where we can't play the game anymore because we can't finish a single mission. Either the game is kicking out players for latency spikes, or the server just gave up on players outside the US. sucks after playing for 6 years
  3. Im getting this battleeye popup right after launching the game; the game launches normally and when I try to log in, it instantly tells me the game is under maintenance. It's been like this for 2 days already. I already re-downloaded the game, deleted client.files and repaired, launched the game in safe mode from steam, did everything I could find on the forums but I can't seem to find a fix. Any ideas?
  4. sounds like I missed the laugh of the day
  5. looks like someone from those ghibli movies/10
  6. Even with a high end pc, apb still suffers from freezes and stutters. What you can do is make the framerate as smooth as possible to avoid the fps drops. You can do this by just enabling v-sync from the in-game options and then limiting your FPS to 58 with a software like RivaTuner. That way you don't get any mouse input lag.
  7. Matth


    I vouch for mikri GM 2018
  8. I'm pretty sure that if you actually knew how the carbine works you'd know that it doesn't need a nerf, and that this thread is as pointless as the other nerf topics.
  9. I totally agree with increasing the district population limit but remember they already decreased it in the past to reduce lag. Although I can see it happening once we get the engine upgrade.
  10. Matth

    Nerf or remove

    We had a similar discussion about car surfer, but instead the radar actually makes sense and it's a really cool mechanic, it shouldn't ever be removed.
  11. Let's make things clear here , this game isn't pay to win, it's pay to unlock
  12. Relax, you won't get banned.
  13. So you're expecting them to fix in 2 weeks what G1 couldn't in several years? Chill out please By the way I'm pretty sure they don't want to give out any ETA's to the community so we don't live with the expectations, let's not give up on this new company so quick and give them a little more time Afaik they have a poop hole in their seat for the business n°2? NASCAR experts please correct me if im wrong.
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