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  1. The thing is jericho shouldn't have any with pop like that
  2. I mean if fairfight is as bad so you think it is why does it seem to function fine in other titles? Could it be that it did work and the cheaters just spread misinformation like they do a lot to try and undermine the effectiveness?
  3. you just contradicted yourself if you didn't have a vested interest you wouldn't have taken the time to even give a response let alone upload that image.
  4. I don't trust a screenshot posted on a game forum so sorry me am very stupid no one own photoshop
  5. I don't know when the last time you re-installed windows(as in fresh install with all drives wiped) but it takes a hot min and it is already being done for games like rust. These non-noob cheaters are a fringe population most cheaters are those 'noob cheater' you speak of and no a lot of stuff when it comes to cheating is not common knowledge; often information is purposely withheld from 'noob cheaters'. Also fairfight worked fine all my fairfight bans were due to me actually cheating. The reason LO lifted the fairfight bans wasn't because they were all false or some were false its because tiggs and others labeled some non-cheating bans as fairfight bans(or they were those like few players that were banned during x-mas event).
  6. Re-add fairfight at least that'd ban blatants. Block banned players from remaking accounts (rust does a pretty good job of this now requiring a full re-installation of windows and a spoofer+ip change to avoid being banned again). Bam I just solved to cheating problem. Very few cheaters will take the steps I laid out to avoid another ban even for a f2p game just won't be worth the time. The less convenient the less cheaters will return after a ban (which is a good chunk of the problem with f2p games).
  7. Doesn't really surprise me if true I used to be on spct back in like 2011 or 2012. Also how can we forgot the forum mod who blatantly cheated.
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