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  1. Except that wouldn't be helpful for triggerbot since the hud popup doesn't always show-up.
  2. No it uses the red color or is memory based. I think your thinking of overwatch, most aimbots and triggerbots in overwatch just scans for the health-bar icon.
  3. ForeverCrooked

    illegal websites

    Developing and distributing cheat software isn't illegal and there isn't any point in trying to take legal action against these sites.
  4. ForeverCrooked

    GTX 1070 I7-7700K FPS Drops

    yea no, good try tho.
  5. ForeverCrooked

    First Thing That Should Of Been Done

    They weren't false LO just disagreed with g1's banning approach.
  6. ForeverCrooked

    Nerf or remove

    nope I'm saying radar tower is. The NFA is only effective at like 0 to 10 meters and both the rfp-9 and the pdw have to slow of a ttk. Mobile radar tower can't be countered. Like you said apb is a team oriented game and with a team mobile radar tower is at its most broken.
  7. ForeverCrooked

    Nerf or remove

    I don't think you understand that taking an AV weapon will cripple you in most fights and yes I could take a fast ttk secondary but I don't have the g1c to pay for any of the Mountie variants. Most players only use AV weapons in vehicle mission or when trying to stop people from running.
  8. ForeverCrooked

    Nerf or remove

    Darn-it you got me I'm clearly not 'pro' enough.
  9. ForeverCrooked

    Nerf or remove

    yes let me just use an anti-vehicle weapon with really slow ttk in cqc oh wait... Also I'm sorry I don't carry around a large ammo box all the time and/or don't use low yields/conc. Its used as a handicap for players who have zero game sense.
  10. ForeverCrooked

    Second wave of unbans

    patch notes?
  11. ForeverCrooked

    Nerf or remove

    Needs an actual downside. What some of ya'll don't understand is that it shows enemies within 20 meters. welp guess what if the enemies don't show up in that 20 meter area than you can infer where they are. Play in a premade and roll 2 of them you got 80m covered. Its broken af.
  12. ForeverCrooked

    Nerf or remove

    broken mod is broken