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  1. use wireshark or some other packet sniffer to find it
  2. nah ffbans was only toxic to those who cheated and got banned. also APB=toxic.
  3. meh I still think its just asking for trouble to use apb's player base for anything
  4. They should have just out-sourced all mod work so there wouldn't be immediate bias.
  5. No aimbot is really easy to spot regardless of smoothing it all comes down to consistency if you see a player who's tracking is super consistent(even with fps drops and lag) and they tend to aim at the same position(while apb doesn't have independent bones cheats still tend to aim either always center of mass[chest] or toward the top[head] of the hitbox) when tracking they most likely have aim. The only way to make an aimbot not look like an aimbot is with randomizing it and adding a curve.
  6. oh I know. They don't detect any of the free triggerbots out there either.
  7. not sure why you'd think its a false-positive
  8. yep can confirm auto-it and ahk are used to script macro's and triggerbots.
  9. maybe don't buy a laptop and expect it to run anything at a decent and stable frame rate
  10. The splash screen never appears and the main executable disappears after a short time in task manager.
  11. Its pretty easy. [walls/esp] If they play super aggressive they prob have extra information. [aimbot] if there tracking is 'prefect' almost all the time. [triggerbot] hitting min ttk or near min ttk every time.
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