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  1. ForeverCrooked

    apb not launching

    The splash screen never appears and the main executable disappears after a short time in task manager.
  2. ForeverCrooked

    Jericho Restart 11/2/2018

    you guys need to update the eula on steam
  3. Its pretty easy. [walls/esp] If they play super aggressive they prob have extra information. [aimbot] if there tracking is 'prefect' almost all the time. [triggerbot] hitting min ttk or near min ttk every time.
  4. ForeverCrooked

    officially the best car in the game

    ew the 4x4 is gross
  5. ForeverCrooked

    Post 'Battleye' Update statistics

    really because I'm still not banned .
  6. I prefer a ttk that rewards consistent tracking rather than flick-aim.
  7. ForeverCrooked

    Where's the playerbase?

    waiting for engine upgrade or some substantial update
  8. ForeverCrooked

    Battle EyE Working as intended LOL

    working fine on my end, havent seen a cheater on jericho in weeks doesn't really count if you just sit on the forums all day or afk in social
  9. ForeverCrooked

    New FragMovie Part 1...

    congrats you can throw low yields
  10. ForeverCrooked

    How to fix APB ezpz

    I like this idea
  11. Except that wouldn't be helpful for triggerbot since the hud popup doesn't always show-up.
  12. No it uses the red color or is memory based. I think your thinking of overwatch, most aimbots and triggerbots in overwatch just scans for the health-bar icon.
  13. ForeverCrooked

    illegal websites

    Developing and distributing cheat software isn't illegal and there isn't any point in trying to take legal action against these sites.
  14. ForeverCrooked

    GTX 1070 I7-7700K FPS Drops

    yea no, good try tho.
  15. ForeverCrooked

    First Thing That Should Of Been Done

    They weren't false LO just disagreed with g1's banning approach.