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  1. ^ This. Just add a disclaimer 'not representative of final product' or something if you feel the need.
  2. APB attracts the mentally ill and feeble, does this really surprise you?
  3. jg is trash at 2-shots; haven't been able to hit a consistent 2-shot with it since like 2014.
  4. can we revert the addition of damage drop off I want to snipe with my pmg again
  5. should go even further back to when the jg was viable...
  6. res doesn't matter its always off slightly. either take a screenshot and measure or just use some overlay software to put a dot in the middle of the screen and you'll see the in game crosshair isn't centered.
  7. Much like csgo the crosshair in apb actually isn't located perfectly center of the screen.
  8. really because on empty districts live runs fine other than garbage collection
  9. None of the benchmarks are useful since they aren't run in a full district with customized player characters. Before anyone says anything about minimizing run to run variance by not having players in district actually having heavily customized character playing will shows more real world numbers.
  10. mouse_event should be detected (required for making these work) by eac. Its up to LO wither or not they implement this feature. I know apex legends for example doesn't ban for recoil macro's which also uses mouse_event but rust does which uses eac.
  11. was going to purchase g1c big o o f
  12. I don't think even support will do it. I tried it with g1 they said they wouldn't do it.
  13. its overall just a better ntec in most instances. .08 second slower ttk but same shots to kill with longer range(50m drop vs 65m) and is way more forgiving when fired full auto.
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