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  1. Hey, I can't buy any g1c because when I try to do so, an error happens. Is this some kind of website issue I am not aware of?
  2. I can tell if this poll was made by someone who have became tired of having to wait for a mission in a full action district. - Months ago, Little Orbit hosted a event where players (both criminals and enforcers) would have to kill a MattScott in a mission district. The winners won days of premium and maybe a pair of 3d glasses. - Months after that, a GM actually did a APB pop quiz in district chat and rewarded people who got the correct answer a free code which either gave them free premium or a free item. I do not see why populating a action district and not doing any missions will be considered "loitering". One cannot just come to a mission district to just do missions. I've seen criminals ramraid. I've seen enforcers bounty hunting. I've seen clans organize a unofficial event (in fact, I was in a couple) I've seen people playing around with the game's physics, such as putting vans together at a wall and ramming them with a dump truck. If the action districts were only for missions, then nothing but missions and billboards will be interact around the maps, and the automatic kick would be shortened to much shorter time. Otherwise, it would have ramps, it would have stores and garages for criminals to ramraid, there are many things players can do. However, I can understand people use the action districts for granted, such as griefing. I do not see bounty hunting to be an issue in a action district. People can go AFK because of some brief personal issues that should not take long. That is why the game would automatically kick you after 15-20 minutes of being AFK in a action district. Griefing cannot be dealt with unless someone reports it. Of course, tickets will take long but action will be done eventually. Roaming around the map is never an issue. Hanging out with friends and having fun is never an issue. People can do anything in the action districts as long as it obeys the ToS. If you think action districts are only for missions, then there are some understanding you may need.
  3. Earlier today in the unofficial APB discord, there was a conversation regarding what people would consider very useful in the game. Here's a few suggestions I remember: - Someone suggested there should be more melee weapons added into the game. I suspected it'll not be a good idea since the APB mechanics does not support melee combat. One person did mentioned it'd end up being too OP or too useless. Because of the mechanics, that same person suggested a dodge roll movement, where a player would slide or roll on the floor in order to evade bullets, as well as the ability to be instantly killed if shot in the head. - Someone else thought about adding a matchmaking feature in which allows clans members to only fight the rival/enemy clan (of course, both clans will be in different factions). I figured it'll be a great idea to have that included, but I'm not sure how it can be implemented. - I brought up a suggestion in which I'm sure will not be included into the game, but may sound a bit interesting. There could be a district which allows all players to fight each other regardless of their factions without getting punished, basically a free-for-all district. I scraped that idea off since I thought it would not make any sense if a enforcer shot another enforcer and improve their prestige that way. Besides, it can lose the point of the game in general. Now, before you guys tell me these are the worst ideas ever, I already know. I won't be surprised if someone does tell me, but will be if someone actually likes one of these ideas, especially the second.
  4. Agreed. I personally lost a mission once because my base was hard to reach.
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