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  1. they are adding in game events which took away from the progress of the engine upgrade id imagine because the lead dev went on vacation during the christmas event. so that in itself should show they aren't completely neglecting the current playerbase, however the engine upgrade is obviously a priority so I'm assuming they are focusing on that until it gets working then they'll start making more quality of life changes. we've been playing apb for a long time and without us apb will die. tbf there's a lot of trash talking players in the current playerbase. jericho has been almost always running since i started seeing cheaters again. dumb so many more players would start playing again once cheats get updated. but I don't think it would be a smart move financially speaking to neglect the current playerbase. I've put over 3k in this game and I continue to give LO money cause I'm sure they need it. They are being more productive with it, it seems than G1 ever did so I'm down to support that. Updates for the engine upgrade on a weekly basis stopped when the events came out. They've been more infrequent now but that may be proof they aren't neglecting the current playerbase. Hoping for 2021 engine upgrade let's go!
  2. id be down if I got paid yeah. edit: payed to paid. A strong workplace professionalism is extremely admirable, for sure. Think, don't react!
  3. Come on guys I got money I wanna spend. MONEY I WANT TO SPEND! I got money. That's where business starts. Little Orbit, I wish you the best of luck in business and I will continue to support your business but please do something productive with the money I am giving you guys. I'm not saying you're not currently being productive. But come on, speaking as a player, let's run this fucking business. LET'S GO MATT!!!
  4. Sure, I don't understand a lot about companies, but he IS the freaking CEO my dude. He has a pretty big influence. My point is that this long of a downtime was a mistake, so hopefully Little Orbit can take something good from it.
  5. You shouldn't tell me how to think, but Matt doesn't have as much experience as big game companies. We're not supporting Blizzard here. People make mistakes, maybe Matt made one I can't speak for him. But if he did hopefully he can learn from it and help Little Orbit grow as a company.
  6. The edgy people who are more addicted to APB than I at the moment are going crazy. You can do it Matt Scott and team! Thank you for continuing to put time and effort into APB my dude!!
  7. Macros literally don't help any gun. Not the carbine, not the Obeya, not the Oscar.
  8. I agree. I don't really care for riot. I probably won't even play it, and if I do it'll just be to take a quick peek and maybe chill with old friends for a bit. LO, I think most of us really just want this engine upgrade. I know my complaining won't do any good but please please just work on the engine upgrade.
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