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  1. I think you need to take a break, its obvious that you are uninterested in any real conversation about game mechanics or how they can or can't have an effect on someones psiche and want to just out right reject their reality and substitute your own, Also your "I'm a nice guy" act isn't fooling anyone when you write it in such a passive aggressive way. What made me kinda roll my eyes about your posts was how you end them. I'm sorry but this is just such a simplistic and naive way to look at the world, its like, you just say the magic word and all the ills of the world will go away, and if this is the kind of logic you base your whole argument on than of course you aren't getting through to anyone with it.
  2. will these test servers be unranked like open conflict? that would be really rad Also will you have these 8 hour down times every time you wanna test 2 or 3 guns? if so, how often will this happen and why not throw all the weapon changes in there instead of just 2 guns?
  3. EDIT: removing my original question cuz im an idiot and didnt even check the first few pages. My question is, are there any plans on adding any new hair styles for females that arent just absolutely dreadful? right now more than half of them are just different flavours of shaved head and if you cant make new hair from scratch, why not combinations of parts of existing hairs, like for example, add a version of the pigtails with bangs in the front
  4. Ok so i was all skeptical about LO in the beginning and made that panic thread after the QnA but Matt Did an amazing job at clarifying things and listening to our concerns. I can now sleep at night knowing that the game is at least in the right hands, thank you MattScott for listening to us. No other developer has went to such length to such length and tailor their games based on the wishes of people playing them instead of their own ideas on how the game should be. And while i am a bit skeptical still, at the same time Im really excited for the future of APB now. Edit: sorry for creating this useless thread, i just wanted to show my gratitude and apologize for being an patootie.
  5. Oh man, this is so ironic, i wanted to call you a brianlet like 2 times but i held back and deleted it only for you to throw that at me. Look here, i understand that its their game and they do whatever they want, you dont need to make a these weirdly spaced replies like you have downs to say that, what i am complaining about is what they are doing with it, i know they can, that doesnt mean i have to like what they are doing, why is ti so difficult to comprehend? Its their service yes, but we are the users of their service, it is done for us, and we know better what we want, we dont like things being decided for us.
  6. jesus christ, i told you im talking about the character creation possibilities that the APB customization tools give you, not freedom of speech, And you understood it too, but you reverted back to talking about freedom of speech and linking this nonsense that has nothing to do with the topic. Go to bed, you are tired
  7. The second line of what you said contradicts the second line, also you are missing the point, which is, this was never a problem before, why must it become a problem now?
  8. There is no other games that have your character specific stuff on them, your looks, gear, outfit detail, decals applied to your clothing that you spent hours creating, think before you dont. The first good anti nudity point in this whole thread.
  9. What is their purpose? events? calling GMs when someone is trolling? Im talking about the freedom of expression given to you by the customization tools of APB, the ability to create anything you can imagine, not freedom of speech, i thought that was written clear enough, unless you didnt read the whole thing before jumping on the first 2 words you read. Yet.
  10. I never said anything about free speech, i was talking about the freedom of expression that APB tools grant players
  11. I never said freedom of speech, quote me on it.
  12. This will probably be an unpopular thing to say but im against GMs in the game, that just sounds like police. More often doing more harm to good people (lets say someone with anime tiddy picture) than doing anything against actual criminals (cheaters) How will GMs know who is cheating? if the system didnt detect it, they sure as hell wont either. At least thats how police is in my country, they are here to pester you and fine you for things like crossing the street in the wrong place or crossing an empty road with your dirt bike from one side of the forest to another without having the necessary paper work to drive on the street, even though you were not driving on it and just crossed it, making sure theres no cars coming. I dont want that in my game too :C
  13. Yeah but an option to do that would streamline things, not everyone can record or has it setup.
  14. how about an option to report ear raping troll themes?
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