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  1. Michi

    Something is Wrong

    Every now and then my game will reload its shaders, lags me back and then proceeds to put me in an AFK state for about 5 seconds. It's starting to do it more and more, in firefights and just roaming. Plus the server keeps kicking me off, while everyone else is still playing, my internet is fine. I don't know whats going on!
  2. Michi

    [Trello] Just a idea!

    Ik it's a bit scummy to tag this but. @Lixil One of your GMs said I should put this here after I mentioned it to them.
  3. Michi

    [Trello] Just a idea!

    Personally, I'd like to see a Trello page for APB so that we can the players can see what being worked on and the progress of the game. This would also allow us to see what is planned for the game. For the people that don't know what Trello is. Trello is a web software that can be used to make "Boards" which can be accessed by creators to create basically a roadmap or a to-do list if you want to call it that. It can be set to allowing visitors to the Trello board to view it and see all the info that has been allowed for those visitors to see. The owner of the boards can also set progress bars categories and many other things. If you are still unsure what Trello is, search up on google "Tower Unite Trello", that is a current roadmap set up for another game and will give you a clear picture what Trello is all about!
  4. Agreed, I used to play on a much older account, but sadly I lost that one and couldn't play well due to the "craptop" I was running it on. Either way thanks for showing me there are parts of this community that do love the game. With that, I bid you a good night. o/
  5. I hate to admit what I'm about to say, but you cant forget about G1. They might have left the game to wilt away, but its thanks to them for keeping the servers up, so that we could get to this point.
  6. This is also the reason for what I said, thanks Roadmap and APB, I never thought those two words would meet.
  7. All the guns have their own things going for them. Since APB has been pretty much just the die-hard fans and the people that come across it, the game needs to be able to keep players. Personally, I love the game and have recently got a couple friends into the game myself and they love it. There isn't a game like it, we cant just get caught up on the "balance" even though its a minor issue. I know the date of this account isn't really anything to prove, but I thank the people like you keeping the game kicking all this time!
  8. Nice content! I'm looking to start doing my bit content wise for this game in the near future. Keep up the good work!
  9. I agree 100% Fixing the game and bringing in more players should come first. "Balance" isn't even a big enough issue atm for it to take the top spot.
  10. Granted, but you accidentally walked in on your parents going at it and now you cant forget it. I wish I could travel to different worlds.
  11. The user above me seems like a pretty cool person
  12. I Agree, I feel it should be like the post or not at all.
  13. Witcher theme+original 10/10 (sorry if it ain't Witcher xD)
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