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  1. Unfortunately, I cannot downvote you now. Well played.
  2. If "Lawful Stupid" isn't a title, I will be disappointed.
  3. And hopefully it will be hidden from the players. I think players being able to see their threat and the threat of others has only created problems. It should be a matchmaking tool, nothing more, we have no business seeing it... and if we can see it we can manipulate it. Sheet mang, I am so bad at this game and I am 255. I regularly fluctuate between gold and silver (I do not dethreat, this is just how it goes), and I also go between the silver and bronze servers. Believe you me, there are certainly high rank dethreats in bronze who have no reason to be there, but I have also fought many max rank silvers (and even a couple bronzes) in the bronze district who are legitimately terrible at this game.. like so bad. Rank doesn't matter, it isn't a measure of skill, just persistence.
  4. So what are the current codes we've uncovered? I haven't been here in a few days.
  5. -Rachel-

    Flintlock pistol

    I thought crippling self doubt was a perma-mod on the HVR.. >.>
  6. Anyone smart will keep their deployable safely off to the side where it isn't a danger.
  7. You've spent 142,983 G1C resulting in a total of US$1,787.29 *facedesk*
  8. Chill fam, Matt Scott already cut back in and said he would be delaying this while he tries to find a better solution:
  9. I have a ~16 ms ping (I live close to the servers) and I still die behind cover all the time.
  10. We don't, not that many anyways. I have ran into only two people who I thought were cheating. They were together.. one prefired super ahead of time, another snapped back and forth like a helicopter in my deathcam. We won because they're actually awful. And they're silvers. And yet none of the golds who have kicked my butt have made me feel like it was anything but a legit fight.
  11. I'm guessing they're bad guys. Faceless unknown company spouting PR nonsense and promising a brighter future? Totally bad guys.
  12. Yeah Matt said recently that the 3.5 engine will be 64 bit.
  13. The number of cheaters is at an all time low. I mean I have only fought two (they were together), and we won because they were terrible and we outsmarted them. I haven't ran into anything else suspicious since coming back recently. I mean, the skill ceiling has dropped noticeably.
  14. I love the gunplay in this game, I think it's great, and it's my favorite of any game. I would be very put off if it was changed.
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