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  1. All active members of the SPHP ended up transferring to an allied clan named SPPD, however I think they're also quite dead. SPHP is still a thing, but it's pretty inactive.
  2. Clan's pretty much dead, the discord server is now mainly a gaming community instead of SPHP.
  3. Same issue, it's a bummer they're taking it down for a few days
  4. Your current signature on my screen is a depressed looking tv/10
  5. Join the discord first.
  6. television/10 EDIT: we posted at the same time, mr. watermelon/10
  7. Clan Recruitment Video 2.0
  8. Granted, you lose all your legendaries. I wish for
  9. Granted, people call you a cheater and then you are banned. I wish for an ogre
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