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    Finally someone who pays attention to the math and actual facts! Shredder is a complete non-issue in the balance spectrum. I'd understand if people complained about Whisper all day, but Shredder? Come on... In fact, it's not even that different than pre-update, since every Shredder user before the update used IR3. It just requires slightly less lazerbeam-accuracy to use effectively now.

    Fix Hitreg ?

    Colorblind modes need to be implemented into the actual game rather than needing to get custom shaders.
  3. Don't forget that one major perk of shotguns is that they are intended to help players with less skill be effective at the cost of being near useless (outside of secondaries) at ranges where marksman and assault rifles are powerful. This pellet rework is supposed to make that a reality, which I think it does without being too game-changing or overbearing.

    New vehicle

    Late April Fool's, it's a Smart Fortwo
  5. This has to be a troll post. There's no way you can hover between bronze and silver after multiple years of playing. If that's true, then there really is nothing wrong with the threat system.


    what's a cheat? what are these "hacker men" i keep hearing about?

    FIX IT

    [ laughs in triggered ]
  8. See, that thought crossed my mind since I remember Bluehole from TERA. I thought surely OP wasn't that oblivious. Then again, APB forums.
  9. I still wanna know what BH is.

    Fallen Earth still the ugly stepchild.

    From a company perspective, I'm sure they prioritize APB issues first and foremost because that's been the breadwinner for a long time, and it has a larger playerbase. They are a limited team with limited resources, so they want to make sure their golden child is fed well. I don't hold it against them for prioritizing that way.
  11. I prefer the Ursus over N-TEC so probably just that or SHAW As for N-HVR I tend to use the Scout RT1 or the DMR-AV PR2 more anyways

    Shotty talk

    I haven't really experienced that more on the JG than any other shotgun in particular. They all seem to be spotty at times, probably because shotguns were spaghetti coded in the first place.

    Increase the FPS limit without a 120hz monitor

    I get no frame stutter outside of the rare hiccup every 30 mins with an AMD R9 280x 6gb and an i7-6700k at 120fps. Maybe that's the secret combo to bypass the optimization issues lol I also have a 10gb paging file and an SSD which probably helps tremendously

    Increase the FPS limit without a 120hz monitor

    If you can run 120fps without advanced launcher, it's likely your GPU is good enough to not experience frame stutter anyways. This "fix" is really only for people who have nice GPU's. Bonus points if you have 120+hz monitor.

    Tactical weapon Attachments.

    I honestly forgot Madness was even a thing. That was almost a decade ago.