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  1. really don't get the purpose of this topic other than to spread negativity for no reason, all it does it pull people into toxic behavior and is just generally a really petty motive how about recognizing that LO is making hundredfold the effort old G1 management did in 2016 - 2018. you can't win if you don't try, and i really respect LO for trying very hard.

    What gun should I buy?

    glad to hear it necro'd means the thread was dead, usually 1 - 2 days with no replies, then someone brings it back to life

    What gun should I buy?

    definitely buy an account-wide Colby .45, or an account-wide DMR-AV. those are the two guns which are most useful from ARMAS in terms of cost/efficiency, you will get a lot of mileage out of either the .45 or the DMR-AV. Also, i just realized this was a necro'd thread. got baited, gg
  4. shoot, do i come across as a jackass that much? i thought i sticked to the numbers for the most part, excluding shotguns, i have an unpopular opinion about those for sure
  5. Free meme giveaway while supplies last
  6. did you just assume my social clique? how dare you
  7. the Yukon's original fire rate wasn't intended to be that fast, fyi. not so much a nerf as a fix. it was definitely an unfair crutch weapon before it was fixed
  8. what exactly is the advantage to mouse accel in gaming? easier long-range tracking or something? never used it so i'm totally oblivious to the workings of mouse accel
  9. You know, if you opened with ^^ this statement and phrased this as a suggestion post, it wouldn't have been that bad. instead you had to lose about 20 chromosomes and make this absolutely disgusting ragepost. "IT'S OP ACCEPT IT" lol ok.

    Are we there yet?

    how can i become a true topskill forum poster?

    my car got broken into last night

    i'm glad that you assumed the best of him and didn't get defensive or scared. from the sound of it he would've had no problems beating you with a pipe if you yelled or made a scene

    Are we there yet?

    *GASP* RUDE! in other news: i don't read forum changelogs

    Are we there yet?

    so THIS is the holy ground where people farm postcount, the legends are true

    'Drop item' key

    maybe the .cfg file where that data is stored is set to read-only for some reason. ran into a very similar issue in a different game and that was the case, maybe try giving admin privileges to the APB folder and also checking for read-only flags

    The New Engine and G1

    yo, it totally is! i really hope that tracers make a comeback in the live game, maybe a little bit toned-down than before.