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  1. bail set at 100 million
  2. 2019 and people still think scroll wheel shooting is feasible, am i in the twilight zone? i hope i'm misinterpreting your post
  3. Michigan also has a tax on video games and shit now. shit's so lame. prob gonna tax my ingame APB$ next.
  4. can't help you much for modding the grenade timer sound. but what i can suggest is try using the EQ in Realtek HD Audio Manager (if you have it) go to Sound Effects tab, then on bottom left is "Change to Graphic EQ", use that. if you struggle to hear high-frequency noises, then turn up 4k - 16k until it's helping you. or same for low-frequency issues. if you are deaf in one ear, you can mix the stereo to mono on either side as well using the slider on the bottom left, this way you don't lose a channel of audio. this is how i have my EQ, since i have a really hard time hearing high-frequency sound. it helps me a lot (i have tinnitus, so i need to boost the high-freqs to cut through) hope this helps
  5. you had six accounts stolen? so you just admitted to not having a brain then, making your accusation even more of a joke than it already was
  6. oh btw i was assumin you had already tried a fresh reinstall of APB too, that would have gotten rid of any issues from config files. fresh install being deleting all APB folders (whether in steam/steamapps/common or non-steam client) after uninstalling, then re-install game i also use and dns servers
  7. imagine getting point downed or clapped on after you die like in Dark Souls multiplayer
  8. would be cool, but this suggestion allows for more chances to come back from a loss of momentum. the game already allows a lot of that, not sure more is good
  9. outside of the ddos attacks you're having this issue? if you're on wifi it could be signal dropping or packet loss. your router could be going bad. my router sucks even 10m away cause it's really old. try plugging in direct via ethernet and see if the issue persists. if you already use wired connection, try closing all apps other than APB (torrent apps, game launchers, etc), and run a virus scan using Malwarebytes or smth (also check if windows update is doing anything funky) possibly could be a driver issue with your wifi card/ethernet port, but i doubt it. still maybe try reinstalling your drivers if you still have an issue with lags after taking these steps, call your ISP up, cable lines might be messed or something. if they say the lines are working as intended, then you're being throttled by your ISP, or it's the server's fault
  10. i live close to Detroit, can confirm, it's basically Fallout
  11. yeah, apb definitely scratches an itch that nothing else does. for me it's the combat system, with no locational damage and static hitboxes, and more emphasis on bloom control, trigger discipline, and tracking than a lot of other shooters. to me, this makes for a very smooth-feeling shooting experience that's kept me around for a long time it's also nice to see someone give credit where credit is due, most forum posts these days are 100% whining, lol
  12. pretty sure he's talking about, when you go notoriety as crim, ALL other r5 players including crims appear as "enemy" star icon on radar, whereas it functions normally for enforcers
  13. got punched in the face once during a game, probably the hardest hit i received
  14. tried reinstalling directx9 runtime? maybe try reinstalling vcredist packages too see if that helps (start from 2010)
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