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    Dear Little Orbit

    super tiring to come back daily and each new topic is bitching about asinine bullshoot. like, do you really think anyone is gonna take your wall of text seriously? "Hmmm, yes, this forum rager is 100% right, let's do exactly as they say. Because this totally isn't an unrestrained, spur-of-the-emotion post from a narcissistic, ungrateful dude on the internet." add it to the pile meme needs to be revamped for stuff like this.
  2. Only bad UL-3 is the Hitchhiker, and even then it's not any worse than the contact PDW. now that thing's trash Here's some actual secondaries which need fixing: Joker Talon needs it's range to match other RFP's; FR0G's need to be 20m rather than 10m dropoff

    anime is good for you

    anime makes me wanna И̷̭̮̩̔͌̇̀̋̃̄̓̊Т̶̢̛̹͚̯̭͚̻̟͎̹̞̻̤̃̑͑̓̆̋͆̐̃͂̓̕Ь̷̩̬̙͉̝̠̬̓́͗͠͠͠С̵̡̡̛̯̦͚̥͕͚͙̜̟͜Е̷̧͉̺̟̳͙̟͈͒̎̋̄̅̈̋͘͘Й̷̩̦̺̩̱̳̭͔̖̻͊̂̐̍͛̈̋͊͘͜͠͝Ч̷̰̭̗͔̬̠͙̗͎̤̒̂̌̎̀̈́͘͘А̸͚̒

    Locked Weapon Modifications

  5. True true. I prefer it over OCA because of the nice damage, mostly. Better for assisting if you can only hit a couple of shots
  6. You mean instead of being straight up better for 10m and closer? It already had a pretty massive edge over PMG, especially the Whisper with 50m damage dropoff and boosted crouch accuracy. (Which the PMG has as well, to be fair)
  7. People acting like those N-TEC changes are gonna make their Chad weapon useless. .02 ms downgrade and less meme jump accuracy makes little to no difference on actual gameplay. You really aren't shooting before landing a jump unless you are 7m and closer anyways, you'll be fine. That OCA change however is pretty heavy, I imagine it would be a lot harder to deal with shotguns, not having that big of a TTK advantage on them anymore.

    Broken anticheat?

    Guys, guys. It's a forum alt meant to chafe our cheeks.

    Mammary Authentication

    This reminds me of "I;m thinking about thos Beans"

    gorgonHOOK APB Takeover

    What's up with the random teenager singing in the video?

    Apb nowadays

    Pretty much. I don't get why people will do stuff like that then complain shotguns are OP. The hive-mind has also made a habit of mass downvoting me, but I'm cool with that, I like the color red!

    Apb nowadays

    What can I say, shotguns are now shotFUNs. P.S.: Do you think shotguns are OP? Equip an OCA or PMG, you will be able to deal with them. No, really. Just squint really hard and grunt a lot.

    District Days.

    Probably could work, I think incentive for people to play Waterfront more could be done differently though
  14. See, I was around in the time of 2006 RuneScape, and at that time EVERY trade window you had to be cautious of an item-swap or some type of scam. Even after 10 years it's drilled into my head to make 100% before I buy, even in real life. Lol