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  1. Hello,my name is Max,im trying to join a clan,hope someone can invite me to one!,pelase a Enforcers One Steam:MaxQuartz APB Character:MaxQuartz edit:im on Jericho
  2. EagleMadMax AK:NoX^ Max was an criminal when he was 12,he started robbing candy,lattely money,and now... people. His father was always drunk and his mother was smoking everyday,his brother was murdered by an corrupt police,so he promise that he will eliminate every enforcer....no matter what it takes. He was losing his mind every new day,at the point he was kidnappin enforcers and torturing them,Max was a maniac,until Zombi was calling him saying he need help,and then it all started. In the news was appearing his face,many enforcers died claiming the bounty on his head. In 2015 he created the crew S.V.B (Shotty Viper Boys) He gained 2 scars in a police fight,knife with knife,blood was splattered in the floor,Max winned the fight,but the price was 2 scars Now he is killing Enforcers in Waterfront with his friend TTe4enka132. He is a good driver,his favorite gun is the shotgun. He has make a grafitti called "Past Time",based on his past,how he was felling He has losed all,the pain in his heart will never fade away. Age:21 Hobbies:Drawing Job:Criminal Home:San Paro,Waterfront Mental State:None "Hope is dissapearing,like all the enforcers,dont ask who make them dissapear..." EagleMadMax-2012 PD:I dont have any image of him,but the name is EAGLEMADMAX Jericho,so if you want to see,talk to me.
  3. Can i join,i can make a logo or desing,also im trying to rank up soo :P
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