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  1. NotGoodAtNames

    Remove PIG

    The PIG has a range of 8 meters and a reload time of 1.25 seconds, as well as an equip time of 0.6 second. If you get PIG'd, it's your fault.
  2. Personally: Pioneer/Espacio have too much health compared to other cars, considering the cover they give and the very little gap they have at the bottom to negate it. The Fresno is fine because it's tanky, but it's so low profile that it provides almost no cover in most situations. The 4x4 Vegas, on top of being hard to obtain in a moddable form (bought once per character, account bound for 160 bucks or 7000 to 10000JT grind) has the best acceleration in the game, bar none, a Vaquero can't keep up off the line and that was the fastest accelerating vehicle before it. It's a heavy car. It should not launch like that, otherwise it's fine imo. Every other "lower-tier" car is fine, if anything, I'd give a small health boost to most of them so they're not just paper and unusable. The Growl and the Broadwing need their collision model fixed, they get stopped by anything they hit 90% of the time. The Coywolf could use a small top speed boost. And finally, one thing to try out: All cars get their max speed capped to 23m/s, but their acceleration is the balancing point. I'd like to see how that plays out.
  3. The game launches, just that this error pops up in the background, and ever since that error started happening, I started getting kicked out when joining any district after a few minutes. Also, still haven't received a reply from BattlEye support or G1 support, so I'm still in the dark for now.
  4. I sent an email to BattlEye support as well, we'll see what they have to say whenever they answer. I'm on a fresh install. Still got the problem.
  5. Update! and double posting Went from Windows 10 back to Windows 8.1 to troubleshoot another issue with my USB ports, and I'm still getting that error when launching APB, so whatever it is, I'm truly and properly fucked.
  6. I'm posting here and I'll send this to support as well, although I'm clearly not expecting an answer any time soon. I could play the game during the early morning just fine but later in the day, I tried booting up the game, playing and I got kicked out of the server. So I went back in. Kicked out again. I close the game and, lo and behold, I'm greeted by this little error message: Quite a shock, seeing as the game was working perfectly fine 10 hours earlier. So far, I've tried: Deleting the DLLs, then redownloading the DLLs fresh by repairing the client Uninstalling BattlEye, rebooting, reinstalling BattlEye Reinstalling the game Removing my display driver (with DDU through Windows Safe Mode) and reinstalling it clean (since the DLLs are AMD specific) Using the "-safe" launch option None of them have worked. The next step to fix this is basically a system reinstall, but I'd rather not do that if I can, because there's no guarantee it'd work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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