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  1. Another case of I uninstalled that game but let me log in the forums everyday to type some non-sense. get out already, nobody is keeping you and your negativity here. *Said company buys another company and their game* *game gains hype* *old players and plenty of new players get on* *hype dies down since the game is changing "slowly"* *Take the steamcharts of that and blame it on every decisions and things you dislike of said company* *Profit*
  2. so like, we cant complain until next year? That sentence made me smile. Don't give me false hopes cookie.
  3. the bunnies There are multiple bunnies O_______O
  4. I wonder how someone can not get sick of commenting pessimist posts so regularly. Constantly posting that the game is filled with cheaters, mocking the ammount of employes, ...(and the list goes on), and yet still keep playing the game every day (source: one of his own comments on a post). Not saying the person in question should quit the game, but you got to admit it makes it all less credible.
  5. dude if u wanna get carried just lemme know when ur on i’ll get u to g10 Can you boost my account to gold? I heard the racing districts are only open to golds and actually never got up to gold.
  6. Nice signature. It blends well with your post
  7. I feel like too many forum posts end up the same. Either ends with "matchmaking is garbage" or "most top players cheat". P.S.: people keep bringing macros up even after being shown time after time fast clicking while recorded on camera. (talking mostly about the carbine and oscar)
  8. 10 players in a team, sounds like fight club in mission district Moving heavy items with 10 players spawning over and over again gets my blood pumping but not in a good way.
  9. im driving down the road.. la la la.. listening to the tunes.. next thing.. spawned in new /d . right on top of another car.. dead or thrown right the fuck up in the air like we used to exploit for youtube videos.. Hey we might even get back up the the PCs and stuff on the top of that roof! Possible final form of the phone booths? The mobile phone call.
  11. (the bad shot pop up was just badly timed) ------------------------ HD batman /10
  12. Get killed in the open. get close to an alley - lag from nadefest and die while my laptop is having a seizure. get once again to an alley - cqc fighting ending with missed shots from bad tracking. take an hour to get in position to attack from a new place - get out ttk'd. switch from scoped n-tec pr2 to jg - get taken out from afar. Whatever happens never get an smg. Only assault rifles and shotties exist. Rinse and repeat.
  13. My eyes still cant get enough of that blue-red-white /10
  14. not sure if showing contempt or an actual smile/10
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