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    Rate the signature above you 2.0

    (the bad shot pop up was just badly timed) ------------------------ HD batman /10
  3. Get killed in the open. get close to an alley - lag from nadefest and die while my laptop is having a seizure. get once again to an alley - cqc fighting ending with missed shots from bad tracking. take an hour to get in position to attack from a new place - get out ttk'd. switch from scoped n-tec pr2 to jg - get taken out from afar. Whatever happens never get an smg. Only assault rifles and shotties exist. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Nophromoo

    Rate the signature above you 2.0

    My eyes still cant get enough of that blue-red-white /10
  5. Nophromoo

    Rate The Avatar Above You 2.0

    not sure if showing contempt or an actual smile/10
  6. Nophromoo

    Rate The Avatar Above You 2.0

    Classy tv on a body 7.5/10
  7. Nophromoo


    Dont know but I seen 5 enfos and 5 crims as the active player base a few hours ago. Sounds like a private server.
  8. same ..... ........... ............... ..... ....... ..... ........ ............ ........................ decent hardware and decent cooling system might be questionnable since its a 2 yrs old macbookpro, but I guess its time to install windows and try out.
  9. I'll let you know the silver life chose me T___T . On a serious note didnt play in like 2-3 yrs, but from what I remember lagged whenever a nade was thrown and the framerate wasnt the best. also never touched an smg in the little time I played. That might also explain it... I guess lack of experience, ability to adapt to situations and/or teamwork where what appeared the most in the gameplay of ppl in silver I played with. (edit: also aim tracking) P.S. Do you think apb would kill or shorten the lifetime of a laptop.
  10. Nophromoo

    Corrupt the wish above™

    Granted, but it got acquired illegally and you are now a public enemy. I wish I had the ability to remember anything seen once.
  11. Nophromoo

    Why was social district *IN GAME* removed

    "AW MAH GAWD! New company actually communicating and working towards fixing the hot mess that is apb, but mah social district has been down already for 8 hrs! Hell to the no no. they are gonna feel my entitled rage! Im telling you! I got better things to do! I expect mah chillin to be fixed real soon! See! im gonna go on the forums show there is an issue without any manners, that will speed the process!" xD First time I see ppl rising in anger for a social district being down for a while. Let's not forget that they are already communicating a lot more then the previous owners. There is a propre way to address people when there is an issue.
  12. First of all, jg as better hard dmg and second of all even though I didnt play with the csg, from clips and gameplay I seen the csg seem to have an advantage over the jg in fights but not to the point its a one sided fight.
  13. Nophromoo

    Kanadian Kommunists

    This escalated quickly... but I like where this is going.
  14. Nophromoo

    Corrupt the wish above™

    Granted, but it only applies to the fbw. I wish summer would last longer