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  1. It's a good idea to make these cars available for purchase! I want to remind you that the game has not received any innovations for a long time, and making these cars available to players does not require any costs for creating game 3d models. So, the implementation of this innovation will require a minimum of effort and that's good ! Also, these cars will serve as a good defense against rockets and grenade launchers and in return these cars have a very slow speed, so these are quite balanced cars!
  2. I suggest that the developers post such a table every month. The table will contain statistics for the past month. the table will show the ratio of the player's deaths and the number of frags when using a certain weapon. We will collect the data in the table from all players and display the average number from them. With the help of such a table, we will all see which weapons are playing well at the moment and which weapons need a buff or nerf.
  3. 1ShawnMichaels1


    I agree with the leagues! Gold players should play separately in the gold area. Silver and bronze and greens can be thrown into one league.
  4. I also asked the guys on YouTube about this weapon(S1-NA ), everyone has a similar opinion, I am attaching screenshots. https://prnt.sc/f0bcVhFo-r-i
  5. 1) As for me, it is necessary to nerf the secondary weapon, it should be significantly inferior to the main one. Now this does not happen, and there are a huge number of cases when pistols shoot Assault Rifles, and even more stupidly when machine guns shoot down submachine guns. 2) I disagree about the reduction in the number of civilian cars. We must improve the game, and this, on the contrary, will cut its quality. 3) In general, I would like to increase the amount of online in areas with tasks. And focus on making more people participate in the average mission, the game becomes damn cool and exciting when about 10 people run on one task from each side and we must strive to increase the number of players on tasks. Can we raise the maximum online on the server? 4)Increasing the speed of liaison leveling is a good idea. I have been playing apb since my school days, which is about 7 years old, and during this time I just reached the final liaisons not long ago. This is stupid, at the moment the game is not sweet compared to new games and cutting or by making the content too long, we are pushing away the small number of people who would like to join the community. 5)One of the big problems is games with lack of balance. There are constant fights between bronze players and gold and bronze and silver players, such missions lose their meaning and are a waste of time. Once I brought 5 friends into the game, we went in and played two missions, gold players came across against us and killed moss friends. After that, all five said that the game was unbalanced and they all left the game, 5 PEOPLE, just took it and left. That is, in total, I brought 7 people to the game, of which 5 did not play because of the balance. We need to solve problems with the balance. The system with a division into gold and bronze servers worked well, it would be better to return it or think of something working.
  6. I agree. One-on-one matches are very boring and most likely unbalanced. If the skill of one of the players is slightly higher, then everything turns into beating a baby, this happens often and it's boring. We must strive to implement matches with a large number of players, this moment can be improved in this way. Combining two opposing groups that are on different missions into one mission after completing one of the stages of the mission.
  7. (S1-NA) This weapon is not playable. I have never seen players with this weapon reach the top. Yes, and the problem is that the gun is so uncompetitive that players almost never use it at all. A buff is needed. I also recommend loosening it up a bit N-TEC 5 . When playing with submachine guns, even at close range, very often Assault Rifles win. More precisely, a player with a submachine gun and an assault rifle, being at close range, gets an equal result and the advantage of submachine guns at close range is felt very weakly and in many situations the submachine gun and Assault Rifles are equal by at close range, but the Assault Rifles also has superiority at medium and long range. A proposal to increase the kill rate of a submachine gun at close range. So I propose to make the speed of killing a player on submachine guns faster than on Assault Rifles. I think that this is a logical decision, because a submachine gun should have a clear advantage at a short distance. I also advise you to balance this gun a little COLBY .45 OVERPOWERED! The problem is that the secondary weapon should hit much weaker than the main one, but this does not work with this pistol. I see that players with a pistol shoot players with a Assault Rifles at medium and close range, this is very stupid because the Assault Rifles is designed for medium range and should easily shoot the barrel .We need to increase the kill time for this pistol.
  8. I agree, the weapon COLBY .45 is excessively strong. Very often I see that automatic rifles shoot at medium or short distances with this pistol!
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