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  1. no one promised that it would be easy
  2. I meant exactly the expansion of the level of weapon proficiency for carrying twin guns, except for the OSMAW (although..).
  3. there is no difference what color the player has, I have already written many times, you can play well, and deliberately lose in order to get into a weaker group, you can create a second character and have time to harm the weak (most players see this as pleasure). In my opinion, the distinction should be based on the analysis of the character's skills (weapon levels, medals and types of weapons purchased), everything else is easily managed by cunning players.
  4. many items from GTA Online, such as cowboy shirts, or scout items of clothing for both sexes (men's short shorts, women's sleeveless uniform shirt), i.e. at least items from the wardrobe of the opposite sex, which in real life refers to unisex
  5. before there was such a button - not accepted in a team, and you could play alone against a group, or the same solo player, without hearing all these cries about the wrong game in the team, this was my favorite mode for pumping a stab-cop(LTL), it's a pity that it was removed. Or rather, it is a pity that the developers do not make the game for everyone, given the desires of a limited audience.
  6. useless treat, it's been 10 years now that some types of weapons have been launched for people who don't want to learn how to shoot, using scripts, advanced cursor controls (macro, aims, etc.), reinforced since the starter "beretta" was replacedthey make this game popular, and it's made for them (non-living players vs scripts). There is only one way out - stupidly ignore such players in the confrontation (do not fight with them) or look for acquaintances, creating the illusion of a RP server (similar to sessions in GTA online)
  7. 1 question from me, I understand motorcycles, the complexity of implementation, but why is it still impossible to do an elementary thing - to add these vehicles at a certain achievement, or level / contact? Balkan Kolva, M1 Mhuller and etc. what is the reason for forbidding the input of these funds, which are used and quite interesting in gaming life? Breaking the balance, while imba guns were introduced, such as the vulcano complex, the fashion of riding on the roof of a car, indestructibility from a collision, an openly strange fashion for safe undermining vehicles and other things?
  8. why didn't anyone suggest that you can take your opponents' cars in a game where you can crack safes, open stores, break through secure doors so it's hard to steal someone else's car?
  9. 2 days ago I tried to kill an afk-twink, who controls respawning in a psychiatric hospital, from a distance somewhere around 50-60 m, an ordinary HVR, fired 4 shots, then I was finished off in the back, afk did not die. If these were server and network bugs, it is logical that other players would not die so quickly, but no, or I am not understanding something, and I “play a little”, “dont donate”?
  10. hard - not necessarily skill-based, an example of cheating, there are very few players who can defeat you on an equal footing (with the same weapon not for jokers or real, good tactics, etc.), since 2012 there may have been 2-4 such people, but memorize all sorts of stupid oppressors with imba - what for?
  11. yes, the absence of a game is also a game when pro-players are against you, and you sit afk, rattling their nerves
  12. I recently created a new character (recreated with the same name), and in the fighter club I tried to do the task for 2 stun for about half an hour, the opponents just kill at 80-100 m by the "automatic sniper gun", making 5-8 shots in a fraction of a second, then they kill at point-blank range, just like spamming bullets, I don’t know for what game purposes this was done, but sometimes the pursuit of imaginary profit leads to the death of the game. There should be a balance (weapons and character modifications), now it is not.
  13. you must remember a simple and understandable thing for a normal (not a moron) person - not all Russians who speak Russian especially swear. So, if you remember the "innova" server - the majority of the population there are Ukrainians.
  14. first look after a long break, early old age, laziness, sedentary (in the car and on the roof of houses), kevlar3 and hormonal changes, my copgirl got a little fat, just a little bit but still charming sexy
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