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  1. lol, I even not playing ABP at least about year, so now you look like crying..
  2. most, who playing here and sitting on forum love this game, but this does not mean that they all do not want progress in the game and the appearance of interest from the introduction of long-desired and logical things.
  3. ah, ok, hit alarms don't mean anything, and I guess blood splatters occur when you miss, great.
  4. moddind - adding gamecode on user side - 1st step to make (improvement) cheat-oriented game, like GTA-online.
  5. I say not about my surviving (but have a good exp. in this direction) with kev3, each hit is characterized by special visual effects, blood splatter. Playing with slow, single-damage weapons, it is easy to notice - with a sniper rifle, I hit 3 times (saw splashes), but the enemy did not die, what should be the regeneration to heal 3 shots? For rockets, these are explosions - similarly, what should a character have to survive without mods after the first one?
  6. not, zombie event at 2018-2019.. bio- nuclearhazard. Its not regulary based event.. My firm belief that all this is done for a narrow group of target audience, which is too lazy and just harmful to comprehend something new, in this case they will not be so good.
  7. serious? I kill 3 or 4 players in that team, but time by time, it needs do 4-5(at least, i think, idk how mutch) hits to take down that "gold" mvp? well - its all make an idea that he is not legit at normal game rules, but not here, coz he donating so much, or idk why he not banned yet... I play kevlar all time as I can buy and add it to char' mod, I exclude any accident of error hits with increased hit points. That absolutly not server lags, at least on my displaying. moreover, from time to time there are moments where, for example, three opponents are not far from the car, it explodes, and the distant ones die, but the neighbor one mvp, that does not have any mods for protection against explosions and increased health remains alive, as usual, and other, then I using osmaw on 2 running enemy, 1st not die (gold), 2nd, in the immediate vicinity, hit by a blast wave when the missile meets the first, falls to the ground.
  8. i've been killed by n-tec at 90m jumping enemy with my kevlar3 mod (about 2-4 secs), later, he got three shots by my 15+ optical nhvr an not die, you really thinking that newplayers can understand these gameplay by mini replays?
  9. iI remember the times when it was possible to play one against the team, why.., and most importantly, when this button will be returned?
  10. you really think adding a new conteact a super hard then adding an x-mas or halloween contacts?
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