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  1. if you want to optimize a some new "thing" for you, you can't make a play, coz its new for you.. apb changed 10 of anticheat systems, & nothing help, I come to Baylan & see even not new lolrank bots, OLD cheaters, not eveb banned, using macro, wh, hitred, etc. scripts of hacks ecsh day of last years.. I cant play my fav-gun, coz playing versus bots I cant even kill someone for a 2 haors of playing, coz my gun is not TOP.. I can take an OSMAW for fun, but even with it, i see a bots R0-15, dodging & shielding my dmg by FREE of CHAR mods(with empty slots of it)
  2. its easy.. TO GET COMPENSATION! why you use google-translater to write on russian? you trolling?
  3. I've finished 100 kills yesterday, in soloplaying, using this its not so hard to count killing pumpkins, hunting on you, by crash their "tanks" in sity yards..
  4. year, I'm reaaly hate players who say - russian cheaters - only read an understandable symbols in chat..
  5. do you know, the T player with start colby-gun can kill whole team of opponents with top highlvl guns, coz he play strike games about at least 5 years, and, for example, has a twink in apb? new players not means new in this type of games..
  6. who is russian for you? who speak russian? or who comes from INNOVA, you're stuppid, 70% in world who speak russian - not from Russia, as who speak english - not from GB
  7. may be i try in russian, & you try to translating?
  8. nice sh...t, team of survival ->morth to zombie(pumpkins) & killing covering teammates, coz see a spot of covers, in final of 30 minuts 2-3 survivals ride on vegas with escorts -> no reward to 1sts(killed) survivals, no reward to zombies, 30 minuts for win 2 of 40 ppl, cool event? volcano & piu-piu-piu(medusa) guns to own camping triers, cool? you crash a gameplay every years.. my HOMBLE opinion === yesterday i was killed by a bots with macro-mods & waiting for end of missions in face of pumpkins without reward(2-3 riding teleporting bots got a rewards), then, became a zombie, not interesting to help a zombie to kill my team-friends of surviwal & crash a vegas kids with volcanos aboard, i'll got a ban for 16 hours? you're best, Matt&Co.. since 2014 global killing..
  9. being Russian I got used to difficulties, and, to tell the truth, entertaining Internet projects like online games are far from perfect here, most are made somehow and are designed solely for receiving money. In many of those in which I participated, it is only interesting at first, and then people .. the players already assigned to them are forced to donate, often not justified. One day, having become acquainted with this game, I saw in it a future of interestingness for an RPG player .. .. Donat here almost by 90% coincides with my ideas about a good donate - this is a payment for visual effects. Of course, there are 10% of those that do not affect the gameplay, but there is also the possibility to resist within the game, without the participation of money, which is more interesting, and, of course, even more successful for the growing and evolving player .. being Russian, I don’t strive for compensation, for me the best reward is the performance of the game, the stability and inviolability of the servers .. thank you for your work, Matt
  10. imbalanced armas guns, with norank required to use.. lowRank cheaters, used these guns ruined this game..
  11. other question.. why, if you max contact a Templeton, not get a customised arm parts, as usually of other contacts? Or need, for example make a reward for skiling in ranking, 10 000 kills = get a custom part of cloth
  12. I tried to create a character on another server under a new account, but the hackers did the same, so I went back to the old one I understand, but the point is that I do not ask to copy all these payments to a hundred characters, I play only one character, always, delete and create a new one, this is the rule, so it's logical to have something for which it has already been compressed ... it seems to me logical, I can be wrong
  13. The character was created for the game test, the requirements were not allowed to play in 2012 when the game started and I understood a lot in it, I wanted to change the nickname for the character of one cartoon, when I played enough, I decided to return the old nickname wanted to change the server, in connection with the terrible lags and an abundance of hackers
  14. Some time ago I made a replenishment of the balance of payments. However, later I was forced to remove the character. Bonuses from payments in the form of weapons and, probably, cars, remained, but items(clothes/cars) are completely lost. I did not think they were attached to the character, not to the account. whether there is at me a chance to hope for return of balance in a purse APB, after all the 1st character is not present, other is created, it and play already couple tens months? to all the rest, we redeem codes do not work on the new one, because were used old ..
  15. i see a window with a words & nothing more.. what is this?
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