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  1. Sounds like a copie of Roadmap 2022. And probably is... Edit: If you look up Roadmap 2022 you will see some similarities.
  2. ? When did i say anything about shutting down?
  3. If only Apb got the same Attention and Love as Fallen Earth did in the last few Years.. It looks to me that LO only wanted Fallen Earth but had to buy Apb with it and now they're stuck with 2 Games that are on the Edge of dying. Anyway good Luck with it.
  4. Is there maybe a Chance to get real Pop. Numbers from LO? Either way i am suggesting to merge Eu and Na Servers ( if possible ) so Players are able to play FC/Missions whitout waiting or having to do the Mission whitout any Opposition. It's not an all Time Problem saver but offers a higher Number of Players on a Server which would result in a slightly happier Community ( only for the 1st Week until everyone starts to complain about the other stuff that is left ).
  5. They said they made some Improvements whit the Servers. For me it wasn`t an Improvement. Now my Latency is higher, i`ve got Packet Lost now, when i arrive in an Scenario where an heavy Fight is, the Latency sometimes jumps up to 200. And back to main Topic, they didn`t fired the old G1 Staff which can help them whit the coding etc. and as Matt said, there are things which are so close to be done.
  6. An Anti Cheat was SOOO needed whit 5 Cheaters in the entire Game.
  7. That moment when everyone thought LO will make APB better but until now we haven`t seen any real improvements.
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