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  1. I am more like that type of player that their skill depends on their self esteem
  2. What I worry about my threat, I worry about becoming bronze then everyone call me a noob/bad player
  3. ye was on a defense mission with 7 stages the first time that happened, I tried so hard I almost broke my mouse because I pushed my aim to full power, but even trying hard won't work in 3v2, they should at least make the other teammate gets the lead when the leader is AFK
  4. So I am r239 enforcer and as you know, the leadership system in the teams picks the person with the highest rank as a leader, so here's what happened, I got in a 2v3 mission, my team with 2 people including me, the opponent team with 3 people 2 silvers 1 gold, so far so good, right? Nope, Here's the problem, My teammate who's r255 and the leader went AFK from the start of the mission till it's end, And I wasn't able to request leadership because we're a team of 2, And wasn't able to request backup because I am not the leader, so it's a 1v3 fight, And I certainly lost it, I wouldn't have a problem if that happened once, but that situation happened unbelievably 3 times today, So how can I deal with this situation if it for some reason got so popular? Also I think the kick system is bugged as it didn't kick my teammates in any of these missions even though they were AFK for the whole mission...
  5. Let's nerf agrotech sniper rifle, 3 STK iS tOo GoOd FoR A SnIpEr
  6. Actually the weapons you guys want to be nerfed are the type of weapons that will only be good if you are skilled and know how to use it, I'd say that they shouldn't be nerfed as skill in that case is a bigger factor than the weapon's stats
  7. blockblack


    Is this some sort of APB Veteran joke I don't understand?
  8. Hmmm, The graphics at the beta testing yesterday looked really good, will the graphics still improve even more? When will public beta be released? When the beta is over and the engine update be official, will they terminate the beta game launcher and make everyone use the main game launcher or not?
  9. Still, I only noticed these problems started happening today, I didn't notice these problems any time else in this month... why today exactly?
  10. I didn't notice these issues yesterday, but today I can't even get in-game because of these issues...
  11. Hello everyone and welcome, Today I noticed 4 connections bugs that I would like to talk about... 1- High ping for no reason, my ping is usually 50~70 ms and I did ping google.com -n<number of tests> command and the ping is 50~70 ms, google is consistent and reliable to test ping and packet loss, but in APB I sometimes get 70 ms ping, but sometimes when I switch server I get 120 ms+ ping until I restart the game, and that sometimes doesn't work too... 2- Getting stuck at "Connecting to district server" when joining a server, this problem is so annoying, After it happens the only thing I can do is disconnect and reconnect my internet and/or restart the game... 3- Getting logged out without a previous warning, sometimes after 1~2 minutes of joining the district I get logged out to the login screen without any previous warning, and when I get there I don't find any message telling me what exactly happened as if I intentionally gave the game the command to log out... 4- 2FA sometimes doesn't appear when I log in even though I didn't turn on "remember me" in it, And it sometimes tells me the code I inserted is wrong even though I entered it right as if the code on my phone and the code in their servers is not aligned... So does anyone else have these problems? Does anyone know the fix? Have a nice day/night all...
  12. Was wondering if anything is bottlenecking it (I don't own an SSD btw)
  13. Hello everyone, I have a question about PCs. Amy help is welcomed, I have been wondering if there's something I should upgrade in my PC, And I apologize for shitposting on this forum a while back ago (Message to Ketog: I am sorry for my mistakes in my previous posts, I didn't know it's shitposting ) So my PC specs are: -Core i5 4590 -8 GB RAM Dual channel 1600 Mhz -XFX Radeon RX 570 running at 1284 MHz So I have been wondering if there's something bottlenecking my rig in normal games (normal games=not too CPU intensive and not too GPU intensive=Balanced intense) So what do you guys recommend me to upgrade? I am thinking about playing games like Cyberpunk 2077 (when it's released) at 1080p low~medium settings 60 FPS or playing games like Call of duty Warzone....
  14. That SSD is not mine, it's my friend's, I borrowed it do tests on it to see if my HDD is the reason, Turns out it was... for SOME of the bugs Snipped removed content. - Azukii Before I had tradelock I had AMD Drivers 19.2.1, downloaded new drivers for my RX 570 (Drivers 20.2.2) and then got the one hour tradelock...
  15. Hello everyone, I haven't posted on this forum for a while, And sorry for shitposting last time, was just too bored.... So I have noticed a lot of weird stuff going on in my APB recently... here's a list... 1. "Remember Me" option doesn't work for 2FA, when I click it and try to login again it still asks me for code again... 2. When I click "return to lobby" on my account it logs me out instead of returning me to lobby even though on other accounts I return to lobby normally 3. I got a tradelock for 1 hour even though I got 2FA 4. Often getting stuck at "connecting to district server...." stage when changing district server and having to restart the game 5. I noticed something that's very unusual, I have 2 copies of APB, one on my HDD and the other on my SSD that are exactly the same, I am very sure, I have noticed that when I play on the HDD copy I get a very bad ping that's over 140 ms and when I play on the SSD copy I get a normal ping of 50 ms average... 6. Weird stuff happen on my HDD copy, for example it sometimes doesn't show loading videos and shows some random blank screen and in login screen it shows no-textures screen of waterfront 7. Random disconnects in my HDD copy 8. Disconnecting in HDD copy 50% of the times in the "entering world server" stage or "contacting login server" stage So do you know why these problems happen? it doesn't feel normal! (And no, there's nothing wrong with my internet, And I tried the "repair game" option multiple times for the HDD copy)
  16. can you re-post that but in English? and can you please make the font smaller?
  17. Sorry everyone, when I posted this topic I thought my FPS was 175, turns out my memory is messed up, it was actually 95 FPS!
  18. I am using JG, is it good enough? should I start learning how to use it?
  19. So I am currently living in the middle east (Egypt to be exact) and I am having a ping of 75~100 ms almost all the time in citadel, the bright side though is that I am getting over 95 FPS on my PC, but my monitor is only 60 Hz, so I also suffer from ghosting... My skill level is... it's kinda average, I play in bronze well, but suffer against dethreaters and cheaters, and when I become gold and have to enter silver servers I get screwed by Pros, sometimes it ends up well when my team is being helpful but that rarely happens in APB... So most of the time in silver servers I get like 3 kills 8 deaths... And my Aim is not the best, my aim improves really slowly, I play APB since a while and my aim is still not so good... so for example if I fire 30 shots at a moving enemy 18 out of these 30 shots will actually hit the enemy... So What weapon should I use and practice with full-time to actually become a good player and actually be able to play well? Merged. Will anyone actually give me an advice instead of just disliking the topic?
  20. Because... we are APB Players. APB Made us idiots... like, DUH
  21. Why in APB Only old players stick around, I've found out that most APB players play since 2012~2014 and some of them play since the game's release, What I want to know is why... just why only old players stick around, why do they rather APB and don't move to any other game? and why new players always quit in the first few days or the first weeks?
  22. I am not a silver, well... I actually am right now Temporarly till that bad luck streak goes away, Anyway, This is not how I call a good player, I call a good player a "Pro"... And these n-tec permades never miss a shot which is totally impossible to achieve... So that's a new type of players I guess? the god-like players?
  23. It's not being worried, it's just that feeling... I can't explain it... But you know... that feeling that you get when you are an Old experienced player but still get wrecked and feel like a noob... as if all that time you played was useless...
  24. So today in APB I got matched against a Group of n-tech premades (those premade players with mic who dress in black and use all-black cars and NEVER EVER miss a shot) and I lost... Switched server and got matched with another group of these premade players and lost to them 3 times, then switched server again and this time got matched twice against a group of cheating low ranks... Because of all these losses I became Silver for the first time in a while... And I am feeling so devastated... I lost 7 Matches in a row +no wins today... I managed to get some kills but against these n-tec premades I scored like 3 kills and 11 deaths... None of my friends were online, And I am not in any clan (because all clans are currently either russian or Toxic) I know it's just a game but this is... this is just making me feel like a useless devastated noob even though I play APB Since 2016 with 4000+ hours... Did the same ever happen to you? Can you tell me something that can make me feel at least less devastated? Thanks
  25. This is APB Where everything planned well goes wrong and everyone (including me) Keeps complaining about the game from how cancerous the NFAS is to how bad the optimization and servers are...
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