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  1. All servers are set to UTC time, which is industry standard. That IP is the general server, not the district. The districts server IP's (that you're directly connected to) are in their respective locations as they should be. NA-East instances point to NYC locations. If you're getting more latency than expected, you should contact your ISP to fix the routing to the district instance IP.
  2. That can also be disabled in the following settings:
  3. tacocat spelled backwards is still tacocat
  4. i like muenster cheese
  5. I like this. A lot. A shame I wasn't able to retain my character's pink eye color, but I'm ok with this too. (And yes, she's supposed to be Asian)
  6. This didn't stop cheaters from cheating during RTW.
  7. Sadira

    Dislike me

    only if i get red arrow too
  8. For the first time in like forever, I just may start doing missions again.
  9. That's usually what happens when you disconnect from the game improperly. The game thinks you're still logged in. Just give it like 15-20 min and it'll reset itself. Nothing to worry about.
  10. I love gun games, can't wait!
  11. You want more AFKers in your missions? Because that's how you get more AFKers in your missions.
  12. Welcome! I would've said by now to give me Snowparo like I've told all the previous CMs but... technically we did get Snowparo, so you are safe from my Snowparo wrath!
  13. Sadira

    PS4 Financial Down

    I've been connecting to Financial just fine for a while and seen others in there plenty of times in the times I've checked in the past month.
  14. The launcher should work just fine as well, but either way works. Glad to be of help. ^^
  15. For now, here's a link to the full client as of the 11/12/2019 patch, courtesy of Kevkof. It should have all the up to date files and won't give the issue.
  16. The point of my response was to give enforcers something too if you're going to give crims some form of LTL.
  17. I don't really consider this as a form of good money making at all. Enforcers can only return vehicles that were stolen. You assume that there will be tons of stolen cars, which there really isn't due to people preferring to use their own vehicles. Not saying there isn't any at all, but you can sometimes spend over 30 minutes just trying to find a single stolen car. Not to mention, not all stolen vehicles will reward you the same money. The type of vehicle is considered, making sure the car is fully repaired for pristine bonus. Also considering prestige which goes up much slower than notoriety. And then you're kind of forced to use a starter car, because the amount of times you have to summon back your own custom vehicle (costs $100 per summon) to get back to stolen vehicle hunting, can really just take away all the money you earn from just trying to return stolen cars, so in fact, you could lose money. This is coming from someone who has done a lot of car returning for TONS of hours. I never said that criminals can't attack enforcers that have money. I welcome it.
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