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  1. Good stuff. One of these days.... Snowparo! dontkillmeplz
  2. I like my latency the way it is now, thanks.
  3. vendetta was just a scrapped old project that never made it past kickstarter, retribution was just a mobile game that was eventually taken off the store (though some people still have the app). this thread was just memeing, so there's no 'news' or 'announcements' for these.
  4. Gotta find a way to keep it from being abused from chargebacks.
  5. I think the problem with doing that was that Nekrova had stuff from Innova that our servers didn't have. I.E. Armas explosives, Innova people getting weapons that were only meant to be for old contest winners, etc. I do recall them not having any HVR changes either, but I have no idea if that's changed since LO.
  6. Always refreshing to see some updates. Thanks for the details!
  7. No. People've been doing this for years. With their Youtubes too.
  8. As someone who loves FC more than missions, I think this idea definitely would be great, considering all the reasons people in this thread already gave.
  9. They were unbanned eventually and the site works again.
  10. Probably just create a new character and attempt to create the character with the name. That's what I do.
  11. >has sex being depicted in one of his symbols (even if it's terrible stick figures) >sitting here in his Twitch chat threatening to duplicate the symbols even when they are removed
  12. Oh wow, didn't expect that. I was ready to buy the new decals on Armas, haha. Thanks!
  13. My only complaint is why the heck weren't these things sold sooner because I hated doing the damn purple pumpkin hunting so much REEEEEEEEEEEE
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