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  1. Guess this was bound to happen sooner rather than later due to the issues with consoles limitations, RIP console.
  2. Touche can't play it this year I suppose :/..
  3. Those who stoop that low only because their opposition (supposedly) is cheating goes onto doing it themselves I'll never truly get or understand.
  4. Yet xp runs better than all the other OS's combined
  5. Been using Exitlag (VPN) for 3 years no issue's, Don't even use overlays, crosshairs ect..
  6. Weird aspect is that VPN's have been allowed so it's fishy that something happens now rather having a full investigation to the matter so it can be rectified and if VPN's have been outlawed by EAC then I won't use em, But I've seen other players in-game that use the exact same VPN i've been using for 3 years now with no issue's.. And that I play other games that use EAC and had nothing happened on there..
  7. Might as well add road bikes while ya at it xD.... ( With 0 chance of killing them seeing there's an invisible barrier ) Just like not being able to shoot through the glass whilst in a car .....
  8. Wonder how long the pop will stay above 100 on NA before it dies back down....., Hopefully now there may be some actual content updates in the coming patches ..
  9. mattskoii


    Guess they bought over the cobwebs from the last patch
  10. Add it to the pile, Another copy n paste event nothing new go figure....
  11. I had the same issue until i started using the advance launcher again and haven't crashed since.
  12. I'm enjoying the peice n quiet without vivox, But there's always discord.
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