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  1. waaaaaaaaaah trump mask bad waaaaaaaaaaaah
  2. just stay off the internet and video games if you cant handle toxicity, its reallyyyyyy not that hard people literally complain about getting flamed/experiencing toxicity like you cant just get off the game and turn your computer off why make a thread pointing out toxicity when really the only thing you're doing is bringing more attention to it? 80% of the people who have ever played this game eventually end up quiting because of how ignorant and stupid the people on here are also why bring up in game playstyles such as carplaying + remote det or whatever. if you have to label something such as that toxic then you're truly missing the point of whats actually toxic the amount of shit ive seen people say to each other over this game is astonishing, truly astonishing. the community is just one large high school lunch table. i go months without going on here and every time i end up looking at the forums im just disappointed and cringe'd out.
  3. playing with a low res and minimal graphics has nothing to do with how good or bad you are at a game what kind of barren headspace do you live in
  4. someone told me these packs we're account bound i bought the hard hitters pack it was only sent to one character why are these packs not account bound???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????lol
  5. damn you guys forgot to nerf the whisper but you dont have time to nerf the nfas or pmg? thanks cause thats all im going to use now lmao you people are smart
  6. NTEC5 and its variants: · Increase the Shot Modifier Cap to 2.8 · Increase the Jump Modifier from 12 to 30 lol...?
  7. gender equality for apb, stand up and fight for it
  8. a theme longer than 5 seconds?!?!?!? oh my god we live in such a cruel world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. wow, you shot at me? and you missed? YOU'RE A TRYHARD!
  10. this is an early april fools joke right...? right??????
  11. i dont know if i should be nervous or excited...but holy crap LO i was not expecting this
  12. might as well bring back fairfight at this point if we're only gonna come up with horrible ideas to solve the cheating problem
  13. i haven't seen those before but, those are insanely well done. you do exclusives at all?
  14. grown patootie man getting banned on a 200 pop game for griefing.. get your life together man
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