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  1. This topic needs to be stickied.
  2. I've no interest in downgrading my windows just in order to play the damn game.. if that's the case, I guess I just have to boot up my laptop every time I want to play APB. -....-
  3. The game runs smooth as butter yet still decide to crash at any time. Want an explaination as to why the game does this when running on a RTX2070 + ryzen 3900x, my laptop that runs a 1080i + i7 runs the game without crashes at all..
  4. Jericho (NA) versus Citadel (EU) I'm sad I want Jericho to fill up too, there's no one to play against most of the time. This is why Jericho can't have the threat segregation though, because that'd just mess things up even further for us.
  5. Westford to the rescue! Also, I do share this guy's sentiment somewhat when it comes to being scared of logging in some times. I use the advanced APB launcher, simply because when I played back in '11-13, the game looked fantastic, and without the advanced launcher, the game looks like utter trash in comparison to back then, and actually hurts my eyes. Little do I care for the stutters I gain by turning everything up to max, I want my game to look great, I don't care so much about the affect it has on my performance, but if EAC flags me, I am wicked scared of the result, simply because of the amount of cash that's on the line.
  6. If you're bothered by the spam, simply put the people doing that on ignore? It's that simple.
  7. We're drastically short on population as well, I and a lot of other people ain't so sure it's a good idea to bring this back just yet despite servers available. There has to actually be people to face in those districts, and Jericho has been severely lacking of late.
  8. At least there would be more people trying, instead of instantly re-logging or giving up. I've sat in missions that took half an hour simply because the op never showed up, but decided to stay hidden or run away at the end while I completed the objectives. Tell me how that is not even more of a waste of time.. Granted, I'm guilty of that same thing when I've had a profound amount of matches where I'm at a loss of what to do against what I most of the time refer to as godlike players, and I'm a "gold" myself with thousands of hours into this game.. go figure. Threat segregation looks good on paper now, but as I edited into my last post > It requires population, which we currently do not have.
  9. After reading this entire thread ( thus far ), the only conclusion I arrive at is that we simply need to remove the colors all together, simply because of the demotivating factor. People still abandon matches before they begin simply because they see what color their team mates sit at; People give up completely if they get faced against a full stack of golds, that has to stop happening. The fact that some pre-made groups never get op, is because of people abandoning "low threat" team mates, thus the grouped players won't be levied against them most of the time. While I am for threat districts to be re-enabled, that in it self would require a more healthy population; Jericho would die out if it were to happen.
  10. But I just woke up Noo. Oh well, more Rimworld shenanigans until the servers pop back up. x)
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