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  1. When APB was developed, RTW was simultaneously working on their "Project: MyWorld" system as well. It was essentially a facet of a game development suite (primarily a mapping SDK) which was supported to pretty much be Social District: The Game. The system would allow developers to all build games and maps in this system, and those assets would link together online to form a sort of Google Earth of interconnected game worlds. It was also going to incorporate social media aspects like Facebook and Twitter among other things. APB was built with this system in mind, and as a result it became this absolute nightmare of custom coding and wonky things that no one else in the industry really knows how to work on - it was built and coded to be compatible with ANOTHER game of theirs which never even came out. The game was built with Unreal as a foundation, but its such a bizarre hodgepodge mess of custom work that people couldn't just be hired to come in and work on it with Unreal knowledge - they had to be specially trained to work on APB. Having past Unreal experience isn't enough, you need the goddamn APB Rosetta Stone as well. This is part of why new content came out at an absolute crawl after Reloaded, and why the Engine update has basically become a Half-Life 3 esque meme. Most of the staff who knew how to actually work on the game were lost with the shutdown, and only a few were left over at RP to fix the game and produce new content. MonteCristo essentially went from being a Character Artist at RTW, to being in charge of model and asset creation, animations, color corrections, weapon skins, character lore, 2D art assets (the ones made with 3D rendering at least); he basically had to build the entire weapon skin system from scratch (there were no Weapon Skins pre-Reloaded for those unaware). Meanwhile Qwentle and Androvald were playing the roles of codemonkey extraordinaires, and I -think- Hezeki was in charge of server function? Anyway, my point is, Qwentle was basically the last one to go (think he stuck around till 2019 when the UK offices were closed) and once he was gone, I figured that to be the last nail in the coffin for the game. Now its basically a few people in a pitch black room swinging a hammer around with hopes of seeing a net improvement. Im sure at least some information was passed down on how to work on APB, but... goddamn, it legitimately would probably be easier to just make a new game at this point using the existing art and sound assets. But what do I know, I don't know banana about game development.
  2. I was just amazed that this video started off with a clip of Gold players in Financial district, in an opposed mission. Jesus, hold old is that footage?
  3. Huh, cool Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  4. You're welcome bud. Also nice work, I didn't even realize at first you made these from scratch; quality.
  5. Holy shit, dude. Incredible work Ellix. I saw the thread title and said "oh, great, someone is going to propose making Midtown for the 20th time." I completely didn't expect this to be an update on your original work from years ago. Seriously, really well done.
  6. You don't need to have racist symbols on a cut for it to look like an authentic outlaw MC cut lol. If you want your character to look like he is part of a racist outlaw MC then sure, go ahead (though you'll probably have actions taken against your account). But no one is going to give you any sh*t for having a 3 piece patch or a one percenter patch or an iron cross or whatever (since the iron cross is a really damn generic and traditional symbol). SS logos or swastikas or whatnot though? Yeah i'd avoid that. And before you retort with "u dun know muh outlaw MC life", you're not the only person who grew up around (or was involved with) outlaw MCs. I've got a tiny toddler leather cut hanging on my door from when I was a little sh*t and my parents would take me with them to various club parties and bike rallys and whatnot. I've got a bunch of pins on that vest that were gifts from people my dad knew and hung around with; i've got one from a Pagan, one from a Warlock, one from a Hell's Angel, and a handful of others from various other smaller local MCs (one percenter or otherwise). I mean christ, I have two middle names, and one of them is literally Harley. I've seen and known some members with racially charged patches on their cut, but that sh*t was definitely not on everyone's. TLDR: You don't NEED racist symbols to make an authentic outlaw MC cut, so no, it's not alright
  7. I had someone whisper me last month to let me know I was an unskilled pus*y for using concussion grenades. People playing this game don't care about balance, they care about having things to bit*h about.
  8. "APB? What's that?" "Hold up, i've got a picture for you..."
  9. Source: https://www.tastyburger.com/our-story/ Wait a minute...
  10. An update? It works pretty well for what it is, I don't really think one is in order. However, new sample packs? Yes please. That's something that's pretty well overdue, and would be really straight and easy to add.
  11. Lancelot? Jesus, there's a name I haven't seen in some time
  12. A few months after it, yeah. Was also right around when patch 1.13 dropped, when Tiggs was hired, and when the Engine Update was announced (which, in the way they worded it, seemed like a direct response to the success of GTA V). Something something all of their eggs in one basket
  13. From my memory, Farfletched was part of the first wave of developers "let go" by G1, whom they deemed irrelevant for the future of the game's development. This was around the time Jack/Monte, Revoe and a few others were let go as well; some may remember this being followed by Jack Oakman starting his own little indie studio called Digital Curve which was somewhat short lived, but Farfletched (as well as Revoe and 5 or 6 other ex-RTW G1 folks) was on that team after the fact. Nothing ever came of the studio, and I have no idea what he got involved with after, but to my knowledge he is still making music. Just not sure if it's for any specific studios or whatnot. EDIT: Also, here you go; here is a link to the original contest thread https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/328377-apb-music-creator-contest/
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