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  1. why would you use a gif of that when you can just link to threatmap norse's browser version doesn't feel very stable or i'd link that too
  2. i like the oscar but i feel a lot of the time it invalidates the carbine because of how accurate it is at range generally most people i see use ir3 and it allows them to trade with ntec users pretty adequately
  3. you forgot 5. a myriad posts complaining about the people complaining 6. repeat
  4. Uru!

    Anime Themed Car

    where would the first world be right now without anime car creators
  5. there is literally a trial option on armas what is the point of this thread
  6. Uru!

    Surveys for G1C Removed?

    it was incredibly easy to "game" the support system of peanutlabs / others, sending a picture of the survey mostly complete or one of the virus programs in sandboxie they would credit you manually 9/10 times
  7. the rally varzuga is a real thing in the game it's exclusive to the jt store as a preset variant, it's still fwd but it has a higher top speed & much faster acceleration i just figure that it's already in the game so why not just make a kit for it you feel
  8. i'm still over here waiting for a 4slot version of the rally varzuga with a kit
  9. Uru!

    Extended Magazine modification

    is this a plot to increase hazardous prices anyhow i feel like something could be done for extended mag but +60% seems pretty extreme, we're talking almost an almost 50 bullet oca mag
  10. i was trying to think of a comparison between the strife and the hvr as though it were the "hvr of shotguns" but the hvr is pretty much better than every sniper you're probably correct, but like i said i think it depends on how far they push the first few pellets' damage. 200-300 damage with a glancing shot wouldn't be huge, but 400-500+ might
  11. depending on the severity of the changes i forsee a lot of strife users in the near future
  12. Uru!

    Is this allowed?

    another quality thread
  13. i like this suggestion to a point however it would invalidate the joker store in its current iteration IMO just let us buy a 1-2 slot of any of the "premium" weapons like we already can with the m-1922 and oscar, and put 3slot / exclusive preset stuff like the whisper in the jt store
  14. Uru!


    hey guys let me get in on this conversation