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  1. more options for player customization never hurt anybody but at the same time, some alphabets have over hundreds of characters, so where is the line drawn hiragana / katakana, cyrillic, and accented characters or something of the sort could be an OK starting point
  2. i definitely don't disagree that it's low priority, but it's on my list of qol changes i'd like to see eventually. i just want the symbols to at least look good in the editor it's completely fair to use jagged primitive textures during gameplay for performance reasons, but damn i'd expect the editor where not much is being rendered to be higher quality, y'know
  3. i would hope "textures improved" meant across the board i also agree with the skepticism that this would extend to player content aka the stuff that's more important though, albeit it would be really nice to say goodbye to the horribly jagged low res symbols.
  4. google auth can get desync'd from the global time independently from your device's time, all you have to do is sync it like they said i've had it happen to me a handful of times in the years i've used it
  5. do you want an example of a game i think has an absolutely terrible tutorial check "Getamped 2"'s tutorial, a tutorial that forces you to do completely inane things over a long period of time before you can so much as play the practice mode. i think that APB's tutorial is decent enough. i wouldn't be opposed to making it better, but i believe the majority of your suggestions would do more harm than good. this is my argument, and for you to continue saying that "I THINK YOU'RE WRONG AND THAT'S THAT" is just not true, if i were acting like that i wouldn't have even considered any of your replies. sure, i have a lot of hours too. i also have a lot of hours in other games, but tell me, how does having a lot of hours = knowledge over an area of the game that you only access once or twice in those thousands of hours? i hardly remembered the tutorial until i did it recently, and i also don't remember the tutorial for MW:O, warframe, PSO2, smite, or any of the other games i play. because you do it once and forget about it. too bad you didn't argue adding pictures from the beginning, maybe i would have agreed with you. oh well. and my point wasn't that the text wasn't text, my point was that it isn't purely "read this", it's also hands-on. so while you can say "it's text BASED", sure. that wasn't my point. it is not "entirely text". then it would be a wiki. follow along with what i say, okay? recoil control is a skill that you gain over time by practicing you can shoehorn in some recoil tutorial or look online for "ntec recoil control", but the first time you get into a firefight i highly doubt you'll be able to recreate it perfectly because it's something that you can do after practicing over time because that is the entire point of discussion? also, re: my first paragraph re: my first paragraph thank you for finally agreeing with something i have said i feel like we almost have a breakthrough here, maybe after just another post you can stop treating my opposing viewpoint as a targeted attack (・∀・)ノ
  6. i'm not sure how you can say two conflicting things right next to eachother but i'll take your bait for your completely uninformed statement: it's not text based, you can't progress through the tutorial without actually doing what it tells you to do. source: as mentioned, i did the tutorial not that long ago. too bad you only mentioned it briefly in one of your posts and didn't bother to talk about that more, maybe i would have agreed. but oh well are you suggesting that people replay the tutorial over and over as a form of practice? you would do well not to completely ignore this specific thing i said: again, you clearly aren't aware of how the tutorial actually is. you don't get a check nor rewards for any stages unless you actually complete what the tutorial says to do. LOL back up buddy, let's see who started insulting who first my very first reply to you in its entirety: how absolutely vitriolic, how could anyone handle the amount of insults in that post is beyond me your first reply: big brain strategy coming out of you to back up now, when everything i've said has been in direct response to something you've said but let's continue with what may be your funniest paragraph to date too bad you didn't argue that autoready should be turned off by default, i would have agreed with you but oh well re: reading comprehension of a five year old if you utilize top level FBI research technology, we can pinpoint hold on, enhance that string of text i never said there was right or wrong, but you have the firm belief that you're right, which is very strongly evidenced by how much shit flinging you do, how much you ignore my posts, dance around any of my arguments, etc. i'm happy to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for my reply though, if you could use some of that energy to argue better then maybe you would have a better case. edit: and since twinkletoes can't manage to get his thoughts straight before he hits the big "Send" button: do you think that's possibly why i mentioned that game journalists and youtubers alike also share a huge disdain for the game? golly it's almost like you.... completely ignored what i said! well you seem to be so sure that the tutorial should make unskilled players capable. if a tutorial can't produce skill then that's the only other possible way to help people who can't aim get slaughtered. aside from better matchmaking, which was one of my points that you ignored. you do this weird thing i've said that situational tips should be tips multiple times and you echo that but then you say it should be shoehorned into the tutorial so which is it chief?
  7. it's like you read half of my post if you agree then why did you spend such a long time arguing non-points this is the absolute point that i was trying to convey to you which you apparently failed to understand until just now so the tutorial is supposed to teach players depth perception? the tutorial is supposed to teach players map knowledge? these are skills that you gain say it with me now "OVER TIME" so what, do you suppose that the tutorial play the game for new players? if someone is having difficulties landing grenades near enemies because they can't get used to how it arcs, no tutorial is going to help them get better at that. because it's a skill that is developed over time by playing the game. if someone loses an objective because they didn't think to cover an angle that an enemy came from a tutorial won't help with that because map knowledge is a skill that is developed over time by playing the game. the last time I played APB, i had introduced my friends (who i regularly play games like CS with). i had created a new account just to ensure that our threats would be sync'd. we DID the tutorial for the free weapon selector and: i did not have any qualms with it, neither did my friends who had never played APB before in their life we were all gold within 10 matches doesn't sound like the system failed us you know what i agree, the tutorial should give new players a toggleable aimbot and wallhacks to help them improve their k/d again, it's as if you didn't even read my argument smash does not have character specific tutorials whatsoever. also, how are you going to say "tutorial online on how to do it", i thought we were talking about ingame tutorials? if we're talking about in general, then you have absolutely no argument, because anything a new player could want to know could be found on the forums, youtube, or one of the two wikis. "i'm going to ignore your point because i'm wrong" you haven't argued that but okay, let's argue this along with your inane stigma comment from before let's mosey on over to the steam reviews shall we? well that can't be good, surely all these negative reviews are because of the tutorial as you say? hmm, given that this is someone with a lot of hours, let's check out a review from a newer player, surely that has to do with the tutorial alright alright, hear me out, third time's the charm, we'll definitely figure out why these new players aren't sticking around huh. well that's interesting. it almost seems like the tutorial is one of the last things on people's minds. feel free to filter by negative and try to cherrypick one about the tutorial; i sorted by most popular, scrolled quite a bit and didn't see one mention of it. beyond the steam reviews, there's an astounding mass of negative reviews from game journalists and youtubers, particularly about the console versions which do not leave a good impression on someone checking out the game. you can have all the knowledge but if you don't have the aim or the awareness, or map knowledge, or anything that a tutorial can't teach you then you will lose to someone who does. this is what separates a good player from a bad player. this is what you keep failing to grasp. the third time i'm saying this: the tutorial is meant to show you the fundamentals of the game. "how to move" "how to open doors" "how to spawn your car" it's meant to explain the mechanics of the game to someone who wouldn't otherwise know the mechanics because every game has different mechanics tutorials are not necessarily for people without skill if you take someone who is global elite in CS, someone who has good aim, awareness, reaction speed, etc. and throw them into apb without doing the tutorial they'll probably have a lot of questions, such as "how do i get a personal vehicle" "how do i customize my character" "why don't i have grenades" "why did i run out of ammo / why am i not spawning with ammo" these are all things the tutorial teaches you uh no? we're trying to help new players feel comfortable in the game you can't help people get skill, because the only thing that produces skill is practice it would help if you would actually read my post i believe the tutorial in its current state is adequate ✓ i believe that if you wanted to provide situational advice, it should go in the tips section along with all the other situational advice ✓ i believe that making a tutorial more intrusive will not benefit new players ✓ i believe that a tutorial does not provide skill at a game ✓ i believe that in order to gain skill, you need to practice ✓ i believe that new player retention has little to nothing to do with the tutorial ✓ other, more skill based games with much less in terms of a tutorial see much less complaining from the community regarding it ✓ these are things i have said spanning 3 posts. to take all that and say that my argument is just unconstructive and solely against "handholding and intrusiveness", that just seems pretty silly. congratulations you're turning me into a broken record for number of times saying "did you even read what i had wrote" interesting don't be like this fellow. don't be the kind of person who ignores every other opposing viewpoint just because you believe "but i'm doing this for the greater good" because even gandhi was very wrong when it came to his view on how to deal with the smallpox pandemic of his people.
  8. to someone who plays games once a year sure but anyone who has played more than one modern game can tell you that the amount of handholding, unnecessary visual clutter from "guides" and things of the sort are incredibly, incredibly annoying and unwarranted. making a tutorial that's already functional for what it's worth more intrusive doesn't help anyone, but rather pushes people away. it doesn't take a genius to gather that. wow it's almost like you have the reading comprehension of a five year old, did you even read what i had quoted? i'm not sure i've seen someone strawman a point so bad, but even if we're going with your narrative: you used an example of a niche differing genre game's tutorial in a way you believed benefitted it i used an example of a less niche differing genre game's lack of tutorial as a major strength aside from that, it seems like you really don't have an argument for such classic games being so successful and lauded even now without forcing the player to take baby steps or do you think there are people writing forum posts complaining about how mario isn't "beginner friendly because it doesn't explain the mechanics"? t. someone who has never played smash soul calibur shows you how to do certain moves ✓ soul calibur doesn't babysit you and tell you when to use certain moves because they're situational looking at a character's moveset and attempting every move once doesn't make you good because tutorials do not make you skilled at a game how could you miss the point this badly which is it chief did you have a stroke while writing this? the tutorial teaches you the fundamentals of the game. that is all it should do. i strongly advise you reread my post, maybe two or three times to make it stick, and think to yourself really hard how am i hindering new players when all i have advocated is not making the tutorial needlessly intrusive, and utilizing an already implemented game tips feature on the loading screen p r o j e c t i n g also see my last paragraph, and please for my sake quote where i said "remove the tutorial because players new to the scene don't deserve help" because i don't remember saying that out of anyone i have ever mentioned APB to who doesn't have over 1,000 hours in the game not a single person has ever said "man that game's tutorial is so bad" the stigma has absolutely nothing to do with the tutorial are we talking about the same game????? let me emphasize why that thing you said was so funny did you see it let me make it even clearer so you agree with me that the major difference between a silver player and gold player is skill but then you also try to argue that the reason new/bad players quit is because of a lack of knowledge? it's too bad you didn't choose to argue that the weapon stats & mod functionality be made clearer in the inventory & shops rather than a more intrusive tutorial, i'd have actually agreed with you but oh well you really aren't going to get a passing grade if you don't start putting in the work young man
  9. it's a humbling but rewarding experience when you can say that you beat / got better at a game tough as nails without being handheld i definitely look back on things like that positively similarly, i played a lot of UT2k4 when i got my own first PC, which hardened my aim better than i probably would have playing anything else
  10. this is one of the silliest completely serious posts i've read in a while so i'll take your bait lol you mean a game that is not a shooter, with many more mechanics and different classes? "see enemy, shoot enemy, do objective" tutorial seems fine enough to me but then, how did generations of kids get by just fine playing megaman without a tutorial holding their hand? but go ahead and enter a tournament in soulcalibur right after playing the tutorial what do you mean you can't teach skill in a tutorial? it's almost like something that belongs as an occasionally useful TIP rather than in the tutorial since it's not a core mechanic to the game please try to convince me how getting out of a car on the opposite side of an enemy is reliably useful when you're at the beacon you're an idiot if you think adding superfluous details to a tutorial will improve a bad player's aim, gamesense, reaction speed, etc. throughout gaming history there have been dozens if not hundreds of instances of unintended interactions being treated and recognized as official techniques by the community and the developers if you want a super easy example of this, just look at the tribes series where an unintended exploit of the physics engine allowed players to slide incredibly fast on the ground the result? skiing becoming an integral mechanic of the franchise how about wavedashing in SSB melee being officially added as a tech to smash ultimate, among many other techs? honestly, this is such a stupid statement that i think you would get good benefit from just looking at how often this happens here people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones did you stop to think for one moment that it wasn't my intention i don't believe there is any real solution aside from better matchmaking when a game is more dependent on aim and awareness than anything else and if you haven't noticed, most people are sick of the absolute state of handholding in games that don't need it, apb is not nearly as complex a game as you make it out to be verdict: 0/10 see me after class
  11. you understand that the entire point of the tutorial, or any tutorial in any game, is to teach you the basics yes? you also understand how silly it would be to implement "get out of a car on the other side of an enemy" into a tutorial? i fail to see how you associate that with the tutorial when also mentioning tips, which is where situational things like that belong also, you have to understand that things like jump kicking doors just won't make it into tutorials because it wasn't necessarily an intended feature. do you suppose smash should have tutorials on wavedashing?
  12. personally i wouldn't delete weapons unless they were 100% dupes to be honest even though ntec/cr5/vas are functionally the same sometimes i preferred to use one or the other placebo is pretty strong
  13. why do you feel obligated to keep playing why do you treat APB like a job why do you treat any game like a job the majority of people can come to terms with the fact that they get burned out on games without needing to write an essay about it, it's not like you haven't been part of discussion as to why the game isn't like it used to be if you seriously wanted to find APB fun again you should, like others have already said, take a break. worst that can happen is you're the same, but hey, that happens with every game eventually. i'd kill to play blacklight retribution in its prime again.
  14. what difference does it make when either way you can't understand them?
  15. you are quite special i don't think i've ever heard someone say something so silly unironically
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