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  1. if you ignore a player you won't hear their death theme
  2. my favorite weapon would probably be the 2slot cap40, a combination of the firing sound, the fact that its an mp40, and just that i enjoy using it. aside from that, i've also never not had a thumper, so that's probably my second favorite. as for cars, it varies honestly. whichever car of mine has a fresh design at the time tends to be my favorite, but overall probably the coywolf since i love how it handles & i drive an impreza irl
  3. personally i'd argue that a day or two is plenty of time for someone to just take a few minutes to look at a webpage, since you don't even have to touch the game to go on armas but EH i guess i'm spoiled by games like splatoon
  4. i just wish they rotated faster, it wouldn't be as big of a deal
  5. how long do the rotations last, daily? sub-99g1c prices are pretty appealing
  6. just acquire vegas or premiere pro. they're the most widely used, for good reason.
  7. i want you to reread exactly what i said and understand that these are not my complaints, these are examples of stigmas that people have about the game that prevent them from returning
  8. what conversation is there to be had? if the game is good, it'll sort itself out. if it's bad, it'll linger like it has in the past, stuck on life support. returning players are still only half of the issue; i can't say i ever saw decent advertising for APB, and plenty of new players end up playing for <5 hours
  9. this is why i said "should these issues be fixed" the roadmap mentioned a future project being UT4, but didn't mention anything about the issue i suggested i'm not saying this is the most urgent pressing issue at the moment, but there has been little to no conversation on this subject
  10. so everyone is aware of the stigma APB has, however it varies from person to person: "the game is filled with hackers" "gamersfirst is bad" "it has no players" "the game is balanced poorly" "the game is not beginner friendly" whatever the case being, should these issues however true be fixed, what's the plan to get people to return, or to get new players? the roadmap did a good job laying out how to make apb better for people who already play the game, but eventually it will return to the same state if the population remains this depressingly low i'm all for changing the name to APB Reloaded: Reloaded, thoughts?
  11. why would you use a gif of that when you can just link to threatmap norse's browser version doesn't feel very stable or i'd link that too
  12. i like the oscar but i feel a lot of the time it invalidates the carbine because of how accurate it is at range generally most people i see use ir3 and it allows them to trade with ntec users pretty adequately
  13. you forgot 5. a myriad posts complaining about the people complaining 6. repeat
  14. Uru!

    Anime Themed Car

    where would the first world be right now without anime car creators