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  1. so everyone has already had their go with this post but i felt this needed to be addressed pretending as though hackers in combat arms were its only problem is incredibly disingenuous, especially when you're talking about a pay to win nexon game (and i will say that most of its p2w aspects were addressed EVENTUALLY, but it was long after its playerbase had dwindled). it also did not age very well mechanically or aesthetically, was incredibly grindy and insanely poorly balanced to boot. the only fun to be had in that game was fireteam, and even that was a janky product of its time.
  2. this is actually pretty impressive hoping the beta goes well
  3. well sure, but that doesn't stop some guns from looking like shit in apb for example, i don't mind how the l85 looks in real life, but in apb the vas looks gross and out of place, mainly due to the "gritty" textures giving it the appearance of shag carpet and scrap metal
  4. and if animations were a problem, they could just do what they did with the pdw, or what destiny did with the sweet business
  5. "because why not" is not good game design philosophy.
  6. this is caused by the symbol on the clothes being too far out imagine the symbols on clothes as light and the clothing's default texture as a shadow; the "light" hitting the katana produces a "shadow" you can fix it by moving the symbols on the shirt closer to the shirt itself, but depending on the design this ranges from difficult to impossible to do while preserving the design.
  7. yeah it's got some dated pictures but don't forget that zinger: "customize your gear for the task at hand and hit the streets and play how you want in a city filled with more action this side of a Hollywood blockbuster." or some other erroneous info like "An unmatched 100 players per server, dedicated to massive open-world PVP combat."
  8. heavy barrel is for when you want to lobotomize yourself and hold left mouse as long as possible strictly speaking performance wise, the only gun hb is really viable on is the nssw, as others have said
  9. i feel like that would help get people to actually join the district when there's a pop disadvantage, but i still think people would still generally leave a stomp even if the teams were scrambled, partially because of how long some matches in fc last but that's another discussion entirely
  10. this is a fantastic addition overall i'll reserve judgement on the different caps for threat levels, but i do feel that at some capacity there should be similar rewards for actually finishing fc games. as it stands, somewhat often if one side is getting handedly beat in fc there's a reasonable chance that much of the pop will suddenly die and turn into a 10v5 or something similar. that said, i don't know if jt is the way to fix that (as you already earn JT in fc) or if some postgame reward is really a way to fix it at all (because of fc's "drop in/drop out" style).
  11. what i can say, specific to the ramraiding/witnessing interaction, is that people regardless of their mental issues will always get more hostile or angry if they feel like they are losing something. i don't mean losing something in the sense that "he lost a mission", because ultimately even when you lose, you still gain money and standing. when, in your example, they raided up to 8k and got witnessed, they "lost" 8k. anecdotally from my experience, ranked modes of most of the games i have played (including siege, smite, dota, lol, and csgo) tend to be significantly more hostile when things aren't going well, because there's the looming threat of losing elo/mmr. the entire history of eve online is a perfect case study for what i'm describing, apb only has it on a very small-scale; personally I tend to even forget ramraiding is even in the game until it's brought up. while i agree with the notion that you can't blame a game for the problems of its players, hopefully it's mutually understood that regardless of a person's problems, feeling like you're losing something you've worked for will bother you to some capacity; whether that capacity is sighing and quitting the game or punching the wall and raging in /d. with that said though, i don't know how the system could even be changed to not feel like it punishes you for using it, without changing its core concept or giving enforcers a similar method.
  12. honestly the varzuga rally is sitting there with untapped potential gameplay wise i think just about every major niche of vehicle is covered, so i think just adding something cool would be fine.
  13. in the joker/colby merge one of my characters was arbitrarily renamed even though there was no other character with the name, and following the merge the name was locked albeit not actually being in use and g1 support didn't help at all i just hope support is prepped for the incoming tidal wave of tickets
  14. there's a lot i could say about this topic from the perspective of a diagnosed bipolar person but as for this: i think you would be incredibly hard-pressed to find absolutely any game with a ranking system where high rank players take low rank players seriously. in csgo, a global elite wouldn't take a silver I player seriously. an immortal in dota wouldn't take a herald seriously. a challenger in lol wouldn't take someone in bronze seriously, and so on. in my experience however, the amount of volatility regarding "rank shaming" isn't as bad in other games, for one general reason: apb's threat system is flawed. ranking systems work great when there's a large enough pool of active players to judge, and apb tries to assist that by ranking absolutely everyone who plays, but ultimately there just aren't enough players to have accurate ranks. it creates a situation where the vast majority of "competent" players are gold, and aside from some edge cases like you mentioned, the divide between a random gold and a random silver could be massive in terms of capability. i would go as far as to argue that the difference between a random bronze and a random silver could be less drastic, but this is speaking from the perspective of someone who in my entire playtime of apb has been gold. i don't remember the actual threat spread, but iirc it was something like "the top 10-20% of players performance-wise are gold". if this were the case, there should be significantly less gold players in the game than what we see. this is likely a problem because threats have (to my recollection) never been reset, where other games reset their ranks seasonally, or at least have some method of deprecating inactive players' rankings. a good rank spread for games is generally thought to be a bell curve, and the actual competency of apb's playerbase may be similar, but the threat system really just boils down to "competent or not, with some people randomly bounced around".
  15. i have never known someone who intentionally dethreated in all my years of playing. not people with fluctuating threat because they aren't capable of staying at gold/silver/etc, but genuinely dethreating because they're bitches. either way, you're really dumb if you think that LO saying "starting now we are going to ban people who dethreat intentionally" would equal 40% of the population getting banned.
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