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  1. It's been a long time since I did anything on this forum (see below images for what I did before). I'm now pushing for a career and learning new crafts. For example, 3D and Texture Work. This is one of my larger projects I've done and I'm still learning as I go. Not sure if I'll do more APB:R stuff yet but it seems like a good way to learn hard surface. Credits: At some point some independent forum artist gave me a copy of spraypaint textures they had ripped from the game, so thanks for that whoever you were. Everything else was done by hand. Old Art Thread Here -
  2. While this is true, I think it's a mistake to assume LO wasn't planning on this. APB was not going to be instantly be okay after they bought it, and they had to know that it would take them awhile to update the game. It helps that they seemed entirely self aware of how difficult this would be when they started. These are the lead-up months, where we have a slight playerbase increase at the start but back down to normal/less-than-normal in a few months. During this time, LO is doing its best to keep SOME people playing while they work on making the game 'better': gun balance improvements, engine upgrades, the works. They already spent the money to acquire the game, this is all or nothing for them. I expect they're working their asses off. After the game is at a point where they feel it can be marketed again (AKA, when the engine upgrades are finished and balance is at a point they feel comfortable at), I expect that is when we'll see LO try a huge last ditch effort - marketing/promoting a significant update, either because of a huge new gamemode or something else. Maybe even give APB a new name. Not even trolling, I honestly 100% expect it to be Battle Royale. The full customization of the characters, vehicles, and guns... The third person perspective is there. I don't like it but I feel like it's inevitable.
  3. I will start playing the game religiously the second packet loss and server crashes are fixed. I know they're working on it, I wish them the best, but I just cannot play the game like this.
  4. It sounds like bad news, for sure... But this is something that you should try documenting. We have zero context to go off of for the point of this post, only what you've claimed to see. What exactly do you perceive to be this supposed aggressive moderation? What sort of topics that "don't break the forum rules" are they removing? For all I know they could have legitimate removal reasons. This sort of claim should be backed up! Otherwise, what am I reacting to? It's not that I doubt what you're saying, but the forums have a tendency to claim a lot of things as bad news. If we had examples of what you're talking about, I'd find it easier to react with a "You're right! That's really messed up."
  5. At this rate my top feature request is the server fixes they're working on. Seriously can't wait to not have lag or crashes!
  6. Also, if you're having problems with exploding power supplies, I'd recommend getting compressed air and cleaning your PC out regularly. Also look into the ventilation of your computer and your room, as well as if your computer is connected with a good surge protector.
  7. Hey, if you're willing to learn how (or if you know somebody who can do it for you), I'd recommending building a PC. You'll get more out of your money and usually get more reliable parts anyway. http://www.logicalincrements.com/ That website is a fantastic place to start. It gives price tiers with parts that are considered best for the cost and are guaranteed to be compatible together. You'll want either Entry or Fair price range (I'd recommend going to fair at least). You can also get advice from others on PC Building Subreddits. ASSUMING YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT, though, https://www.pugetsystems.com/ is recommended by LI and apparently are good for the money. However, you'd be forgiven for going to IBuyPower or Alienware or some other 3rd Party Builder (but be prepared to spend far more money than what the parts are worth).
  8. Saw people trolling in district about it, made me even question what was going on. I think it'd be a big help if Patch Notes were as crystal clear as possible to avoid confusion. The other one is the "show spawn points on map" thing, which seems to imply they're removing spawn choices.
  9. No kidding?? That's nuts. Who the hell hates this game and/or wants to troll it that much? Thanks for the update!
  10. On the off chance you are being genuine here, I respect that you took the time to record this and that you're "letting LO have the final say", but there are simply a few things wrong with this: 1. This shows nothing that remotely resembles cheating in APB. Most weapons can be reliable at that range and you're too in the open, plus you're barely ever fighting back. 2. LO has stated that they don't believe in the public name and shame and have removed videos of "blatant hackers" in the past, so videos like there are pointless to upload as they'll likely be removed. If you believe someone is cheating, take your evidence privately and contact a GM. 3. It's very easy to mistake a lot of uncommon movement and aiming styles as "hacking" in APB:R, because the way the shooter works makes certain things seem "suspicious" (people who are running away but do a sudden turn to aim at you because their camera was aiming behind, etc). You should let yourself get to a higher rank before you're quick to call hacks.
  11. Yeah, I'm happy for the successful implementation of Battleeye, but now the next immediately pressing issue is the server status. Packet loss is constantly sporadic and shots aren't hitting. I had to stop after one game. It's bizarre that some people are seemingly not affected. BUT, they said this was bound to be happening. I hope the server fixes are coming soon, I love playing APB:R again!
  12. If nothing else, every single time you guys post on the forums to update us, and every time you do so with such blatant and humble honesty, my faith and appreciation in your company goes up dramatically. I hope what you're saying does work, but if it doesn't I'm happy that you're trying so hard. PLEASE continue what you're doing now and keep us updated. Seriously, I want clingy-significant-other levels of communication. Ya'll ROCK!
  13. Is there any chance this is affecting overall servers?
  14. The user above me spends way too much time in Steam's level up system, holy hell!
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