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  1. Add more language using AI translation. Not need to accurate, have a localization Better than none. ChadGPT translation is ok, cheap and most of time accurate. Add one or two cheap DLC(in game gun or car) and try to appear in STEAM "New Release Content" can have some exposure, not big but cheap, If the selected item is good and the price is appropriate, maybe will sale some, who know.
  2. Will you change the old and obsolete login updating and let STEAM download full game? This is the fundamental reason why most players can't not join the game. old game like PlanetSide2 There used to be this problem, but now it's not, STEAM can download full game, Will be more friendly to newly added players. let low-level players win and lose have the same rewards, Reduce the frustration of new players before there are enough new players available to match. (My friend new join game quit because frustrated) Double reward given to new players for a certain amount of time. (Or like PS2, almost every weekend for all players get double reward) when new player Achieve a certain level of achievement, like 10kill or 20kill total, Give Limited Time Popular Firearms. This Game is Really Really need give new player more to let them stay. But first, Let STEAM download full game. when STEAM Finished downloading, still will need updating just have 60Kb/s for 3.6GB is a good reason why no one try a free game.
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