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  1. MS + HS3 made sense back in the day when you could use this at longer ranges and benefit from the accuracy gain. Nowadays I just used MS + RS1 for less zoom/more FOV. Agree it's more of a troll gun now or when you want extra challenge... I don't think there was a direct accuracy nerf, more of a combination of things. Tommy gun was one of the weapons that was affected by the big range patch, back before the patch when weapons lost little damage over distance it could reliably kill people at 40 m and still injure at ~50 m (no CJ3 obviously). After the patch it does peanuts beyond 30 m. The old Tommy Gun was also 1 less shot to kill making it easier to use. Couple that with the random recoil curves you mentioned that RP was messing with at the time that made recoil less predictable and gun harder to control that resulted in missing more. Having low damage per shot (10 stk) and aggressive recoil means this weapon is an assist monster often getting 70-85 assists whereas with other weapons one could more reliably get kills in that scenario with less effort too.
  2. Damn, Harbinger is good now. No point to use an Act44... I think Act44 should get it's 10 m range back that was removed some time ago...
  3. I'm assuming ramp distance means effective range? Interesting changes. I see you have undid the last couple of changes to rfp and returned it to it's original state. An improvement over the current form but I doubt many people will use it as was the case before. A step in the right direction for sure. Nice to see that you improved the accuracy of heavy pistols although I'm a bit disappointed you did not undo the last nerf they received (-10 m of effective range).
  4. I'd love to see that. Would help assure people that anti cheat is working. I used to play War Thunder, they would give a summary each month something like "X amount of accounts banned due to forbidden modifications"
  5. Depends on the complexity of the issue. One friend had a response the next day for a simple issue. My other friend waited over a week for another issue...
  6. I was hoping for a 50% sale like G1 used to do. Over the years I acquired most of the stuff I wanted anyways except for a few select items I could not justify paying the full price or some not yet de-bundled bundles... Anyways so far 2023 has been a productive year for APB, I hope the progress does not bog down and we see further completion of set roadmap objectives!
  7. In graphics options under advanced. Uncheck "enable fog" or something along those lines. I personally didn't see much of a fps difference tbh...
  8. I like the idea. More balanced and faster matches. Would really help APB with it's dwindling population...
  9. Thank you. People get free stuff and still complain. I'm more than happy. This covers ~2 sessions of JT grinding for me.
  10. About damn time. Please do look into adding RTW style shaders as an option in the future
  11. $10 is not nothing in Russland due to money conversion rates and income differences. It's about ~800 RUB. Thing is you can go to a shop and buy something for 10 RUB, while you could not do that in the west. $10 is nothing in US of A simply due to insane income compared to the rest of the world. $10 is doable in Western Europe due to decent income BUT it's actually $12 here due to taxes and other ungodly reasons. I'm in Eastern Europe atm so it's middle ground for me between Western Europe and Russia... Really depends in the region you live in. Imagine what $10 is to someone living in Venezuela... Now while we're on the topic of prices, when some bundles will be debundled like Vegas Rocker pack? I do want some elements of Rhino kit but I do not want to purchase clothes I don't like or shotgun I already have with it...
  12. And force everyone to use controllers!
  13. They messed up with the engine upgrade, they scrapped it and it's been nothing but a steady progress since then. In a few months they delivered 64bit update and then a few months later they delivered EAC. Compare that to before where we had nothing for years. I had lost hope before but LO brought some of it back this year back. These steady updates we've been getting gives me something to look forward to knowing that this game is not abandoned and is actually being worked on.
  14. Nice! LO promises and LO delivers. I like the sound of that. Really hyped for EAC. Cant wait for FF to join it in the future. Oh they will not like this We'll see about that... What's the crouch one? Never heard of it...
  15. 10 m is more of a shotgun range, when I wrote the "10 m" figure I did not mean literally 1 m more. Smg effective range always used to extend up to 20 m and could still somewhat tickle at 30 m just not reliably, I guess PMG still is deadly there I'm just not a fan of that particular gun. Can't remember last time I lost to a FBW, at 20 m using cqc primary, that 1 more stk makes all the difference, can recall plenty of times losing to a .45 at that range and plenty of times I did that to an enemy. Identical ttk and less random inaccuracy, kind of like pocket joker carbine. Shredding OCAs at 20+ m with carbine is nothing to write home about, not sure what's your point. Also Oscar > any smg.
  16. Nice. Not going to ask how much this cost though, I might get a heart attack
  17. Weapons like OCA especially coupled with CJ3 have poor accuracy and always miss shots due to that unless within 5-10 m it's not uncommon to outgun such weapons with .45. Done so myself and got done to by others. People used to defend FBW when it used to do the same and it got nerfed eventually.
  18. Non comparable imo. Back when I started in 2011 the there were a lot more new players so you would get more balanced matches, everybody had older PCs, non of 200 fps 144hz stuff that exists now. Even mm was better as it was harder to get gold at first. I was thinking similarly like you untill I brought a few newer players recently. They've been fighting gold veterans who have been playing since 2010 non stop, like at least 80% of matches. If I let them play alone they still get golds, rarely silvers but have no one on their team to guide them... Me and other friend were trying to show them ropes on how to play and mm has been shitting on us non stop. Like one match stands out from memory: my team (all friends) two average golds, one low rank silver, one low rank bronze, get thrown into a match against 3 gold premade team that does not miss shots, final stage item hold, we manage to kill them somehow and get the item for a bit, they call backup, get a 4th gold that rarely misses his shots and we can't call backup 4 v 4, how is this fair? So many examples like this or that bronzie got silver so now 4 golds vs 2 golds and 2 silvers, no backup next mission...
  19. You can though, the yellow one which is superior to the orange one imo because it does not immobilize you. The only scenario where orange field supplier > yellow is when you're spamming osmaw or something equally dishonorable but then again those type of players tend to hang out around cars as they have ammo in them.
  20. The problem with .45 nosing into heavy pistol range could have been addressed by reverting the unnecessary nerfs to ACT44/RSA. That way the .45 would have been a middle ground between close range FBW and long range (more like medium atm) RSA. IMO the real problem with .45 is it's ability to outgun close range guns like SMGs in their intended range mostly due to better accuracy while having similar ttk. I would have personally liked .45 to get Ursus treatment: same ttk as normal N-Tec, more damage per shot, 1 less bullet to kill, slower rate of fire, more range. So something like this: reduce rof so it has same ttk as FBW (1 sec), increase magazine capacity by 1-3 rounds, revert range nerfs. Atm outcome will be more or less the same most golds will still be spamming .45 while some of them might switch to ACT44/RSA if they are running a PMG or something. But that's just my opinion, feel free to disagree. Star changes I see no point tbh, on top of that changes are so minimal that even after watching the video I failed to see a noticeable difference when shooting and jumping... Problem with Star was never it's jumping accuracy, it was it's slow accuracy recovery at 40-50 m.
  21. Just going to casually bump this topic as this age old game breaking glitch is still not addressed and some people may still not be aware of this. Long range weapons suffer the most from this issue.
  22. Video got removed over the years but do check post #3 for more images. Major problem on long range guns especially when it comes to walking and shooting at the same time. Game tells you have enough accuracy to do that when in reality you don't...
  23. No one is complaining about anything, simply sharing our experiences with the 64bit upgrade. For me performance did not change, maybe up to +5 fps in certain circumstances at best. Calling it "so much more stable" is an overstatement. Game runs more stable in your case - lucky you. Some people actually reported performance loss from this upgrade. Not everyone or their pc is the same. I really doubt your game went from 80 to 128. Maybe in a empty district, but whatever. High end CPUs still dropping frames when there are multiple missions happening in one place. I for one am actually glad they are doing something. 64 bit should give developers access to to better tools and if they know what they are doing they should be able to actually optimize the game.
  24. Yeah weapon balance is the worst it's ever been. Most weapons feel overnerfed and we have to pick most usable out of the bunch. I still love how they nerfed Act44 and Rsa when no one asked for it and everyone just switched to .45 ap as it can challenge those guns at their "intended" range. No point to use a heavy pistol anymore...
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