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  1. Lol happened today after many years. Dreamt of new engine being tested. In the dream there were new weapons and vehicles too even a motorcycle (I know it's not happening). I guess it's the hype of new devs actually doing something and informing us of progress, let's hope it does not end up like it did with g1... Odd night tho, like I don't dream often but this night I had 3 dreams all of them interesting. 1st about apb, 2nd and 3rd about a friend of mine who I go lifting together, in 2nd one he was a girl. I told him that and he was like "dafuq did u smoke last night" I swear I didnt smoke anything that night tho lol
  2. Back in 2011-2012 was really hooked to apb, quit it in 2013 when performance kept getting worse every patch with no improvements, at the time there was big hype going for upcoming engine upgrade (Q1 2014 anyone lol?) After 2014 came there was no sight of engine upgrade just promises. At that time I was suffering from apb widrawal and had a dream of myself being in the game with upgraded engine on mission in some new district was happy about it and sad when I woke up... Interesting how I still remember this dream after all these years with such detail and other dreams not so much... Just shows how much I loved the game and how much potential it had...
  3. Well, I'll check forums in Q1 2019. Hopefully it's not another Q1 2014...
  4. Engine upgrade is the last hope. If that does not fix the abysmal performance that will be the end for apb.
  5. I'd like the 2011 version myself...
  6. Great, now implement an ability to remove improved rifling from preset weapons that now became useless so people can swap it for something that is actually useful. Glad Yukon's bugged fire rate has finally been fixed tho.
  7. The only p2w thing in APB is Yukon.
  8. Can't believe how many people fell for op's obvious bait...
  9. Server lag + FPS lag = enjoyable experience
  10. Rtw all the way no competition. I'd like them to release oldschool APB servers with game version from RTW times removing all the stupid things G1 added or changed.
  11. Very nice. Hope you won't stop with server lag and FPS lag will be addressed in upcoming future.
  12. No worries - no one can run APB anyways
  13. Yes please. Yukon along with it by fixing it's bugged fire rate.
  14. As long as dmg of NHVR and bugged fire rate on Yukon is fixed I'm happy
  15. When do we ban german swastika flag because victors banned it after the war...o wait I persoanlly don't see anything wrong with the flag and I've seen it used on EU servers by some people for long time, like on the "General Lee" Vegas...
  16. No please, social district plagued with nudity simbols is bad enough no need for characters to be naked too. If you want nudity it still works client side so only you can see it. Age is not a limit for love, Ja? Give it a few years and those pixels will become reality lol OR VR Chat this is like one step above when it comes to weaboo relationships
  17. Yeah, + 500% fire rate or whatever Yukon gets Leaked footage of Yukon testing (from 7:14 onwards)
  18. Yeah I think they should hire us for weapon balancing Inb4 ATAC buff
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