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  1. I guess LO is desperate for players to unban all the cheaters for the 3rd time. G1 gave out free premium as a compensation when unbanning. Will LO award cheaters too?
  2. >Second chances More like 4th chances 3 time this has happened. All cheaters got unbanned for the 3rd time. What a fkin joke. No wonder everyone cheats in this game. Absolute joke Might as well remove the anticheat and save some money that way, results will be the same anyways
  3. G1 has previously unbanned cheaters and gave them free premium And after that lo unbanned cheaters once more.
  4. Who's here thinking all the banned cheaters are going to get unbanned yet again as it happened multiple times before. At this point they might as well remove the anti cheat entirely...
  5. This should boost pc playerbase by a bit but I don't think it will do much given game's current state, especially once ex-console players get matched against veterans who are playing since 2010 or opposition that never miss any shots.
  6. I'd kill for "classic" 2011 apb servers. Something what runecape did with it's "oldschool" servers. Funny how the old version of the game now has 10x amount of players. Maybe this could revive or at least bring back some players to apb. I'd be fine with leveling a new char and not having any armas items there... As a bonus 2011 apb ran at a steady 100 fps on my old patootie pc. I'd also kill for a true 2006 or even 2005 version of runescape too
  7. Wrong. Test it out yourself. Send letter w/ attached legendary from one char to another. Don't even need to read the letter. It will say expires in 30 days. Attachments from marketplace don't expire but letters with attachments from one player to another do. 0 logic.
  8. Still waiting for those new contacts that are supposedly ready since like 2018
  9. Two of my friends legendaries got lost in mail and expired after he did not redeem them within 30 days (why is this even a thing lol). He contacted support after returning to the game after less than two months. They toyed in a similar way with him for over a month, sometimes not responding for two weeks straight. The end result was they told him that any records of sent mail get deleted after 3 months and that they can no longer help him. Lmao
  10. Don't worry all the cheaters will get unbanned as they always do so they can continue cheating
  11. Wasn't it at least 2018 if not 2017? Can't remember now...
  12. They could easily make bank if they sold silenced variants of existing weapons. CR-5 SD, N-Tec 5 SD, .45 AP SD (without the retarded -1 magazine capacity) etc MG-42 reskin of Shaw has been requested since forever. There's still ways to milk whoever is left with the game if you're not lazy...
  13. What's depressing is that the "new contacts" has been ready for like what - 5 years now? And the new car is supposedly leftover from RTW assets... Like what's the point of constantly mentioning them, wiggling them in from of our faces if you're not planning to release them ever? When was the last time this game received any new content? 2015?
  14. Edit: nvm switched chars and issue fixed itself...
  15. Yeah it seems devs dont bother posting on forums anymore
  16. MS + HS3 made sense back in the day when you could use this at longer ranges and benefit from the accuracy gain. Nowadays I just used MS + RS1 for less zoom/more FOV. Agree it's more of a troll gun now or when you want extra challenge... I don't think there was a direct accuracy nerf, more of a combination of things. Tommy gun was one of the weapons that was affected by the big range patch, back before the patch when weapons lost little damage over distance it could reliably kill people at 40 m and still injure at ~50 m (no CJ3 obviously). After the patch it does peanuts beyond 30 m. The old Tommy Gun was also 1 less shot to kill making it easier to use. Couple that with the random recoil curves you mentioned that RP was messing with at the time that made recoil less predictable and gun harder to control that resulted in missing more. Having low damage per shot (10 stk) and aggressive recoil means this weapon is an assist monster often getting 70-85 assists whereas with other weapons one could more reliably get kills in that scenario with less effort too.
  17. Damn, Harbinger is good now. No point to use an Act44... I think Act44 should get it's 10 m range back that was removed some time ago...
  18. I'm assuming ramp distance means effective range? Interesting changes. I see you have undid the last couple of changes to rfp and returned it to it's original state. An improvement over the current form but I doubt many people will use it as was the case before. A step in the right direction for sure. Nice to see that you improved the accuracy of heavy pistols although I'm a bit disappointed you did not undo the last nerf they received (-10 m of effective range).
  19. I'd love to see that. Would help assure people that anti cheat is working. I used to play War Thunder, they would give a summary each month something like "X amount of accounts banned due to forbidden modifications"
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