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  1. On a serious note, does anyone know how I can resolve the APB has run out of memory error? It is quite frankly impossible for me to join a district, I've tried reinstalling. verifying. And even changing the engine settings. Neither helps. I found a thread from 2019 with the last message from official staff being " We'll look into it " with no response after. @MattScott
  2. Hi, I'm trying to launch the game, but I get the following messag e. " Failed to initialise Nvidia PhysX! If you have recently installed or updated your PhysX software or drivers, please restart your computer and try launching the game again. If the error persists, please try reinstalling PhysX. I have a RTX 3070. Could that be the problem? Poor optimization?
  3. No this is pretty much imported straight into MAGIX and rendered immediately at 4K
  4. Hey, I was testing the video rendering quality etc. And I noticed that the video comes out way darker than the original file. Does anyone here have experience with Vegas Pro? And know on how I could fix this?
  5. If you refer to big companies, I assume you're talking about EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar games. Those companies have been around since the beginning of popular online video games. Newer companies can struggle just as much as Little Orbit is doing right now, because of their limited amount of resources. Besides the fact, LO is not failing, that's not the point of your argument nor mine. They're just delaying repairs because of bumps down the road. And what you claim is just based on your speculation. They most probably stopped doing it because they run into problems more than once. Which can be embarrasing and exhausting to explain to the community, because all they get for it is backlash.
  6. You're almost contradicting yourself. Those other "Big" companies, have funds ranging in millions and some in billions. Have unlimited amount of resources and connections all over the world. And have been around since the beginning. LittleOrbit is a newly founded small game developing company who's trying to make their mark on the world. They went from creating Kung Fu Panda 2D games. To a game that costed 100 Million alone to build up. Just the fact that they're making some progress is really impressive to me, this is all brand new to them. If you think that what I'm saying is wrong, you clearly do not have any idea on how hard this can be. Everyone's so quick to jump on bashing Little Orbit for literally trying to improve something with a longer ETA than expected. While they're only trying to make things better. Cause if they don't, everyone starts complaining about how something is rushed, laggy or buggy. Doing stuff like this isn't as easy as it seems. Anyone with experience in ICT, Networking, coding. Knows this.
  7. Thank you for actually taking the time to make sure that everything works. I'm grateful and excited for the new servers.
  8. Imagine just expressing your love and or hatred towards a game in this manner. And people just start shitting on you. This guy is actually able to write sentences like this. Most of ya'll don't even have a personality.
  9. Before everyone thinks that they're just really stupid and outdated with their hardware. The reason for this is because the device they used was not connected to the internet in any way. Thus making it hard for someone to hack the device.
  10. Might be because you strive to be really good, and as soon as you hit that point or high of being really good. You feel satisfied and lower your drive to be really good unconciously.
  11. To fall back on this topic, maybe this will help someone in the near future. If you currently reside in a country where it is not allowed to purchase jokerboxes. Heres what you have to do. If you want to buy jokerboxes using iDeal do the following: 1. Log in to the APB market on the website using your normal IP. Buy G1 credits. (iDeal wont show up as a purchase method while using a VPN) 2. Close the site, start the VPN and go back to the APB market. 3. Click on the jokerbox you would like to buy. 4. Open them (Good luck) If you do receive a legendary, you're still in bad luck, you wont be able to sell or trade it. I've used a VPN to open jokerboxes, I got an Ursus. I logged into the game without steam while using the VPN. Retrieved the Ursus from the mailbox using my VPN. But even then it's still untradeable or sellable. But atleast you can buy the jokerboxes and get a legendary weapon if you want to. So that's nice.. I guess. Good luck!
  12. My god, how are you playing this game with normal setiings and not lose tons of FPS. it's so glorious
  13. To trade and or sell the weapon, I have also tried changing my steam market region to another country which does allow lootboxes but that didn't help either.
  14. I'm not doing anything wrong, it just doesn't work. I know what I'm doing. But what's the use of this if I can't trade nor sell the item ingame? Or do GM's swap it to another account
  15. Yeah, that's never going to happen though, they'll just look at my paper. And rip it in half and laugh in my face.
  16. I've tried that, it doesn't help. I've also changed the Steam market region together with the VPN. Also no result
  17. Hello, I was wondering if there is any way for players living in The Netherlands or Belgium to still sell weapons they've got from Jokerboxes. I've gotten so many weapons that I don't use at all, and I really want to sell but I can't. I have a showstopper for like 6 months now. Never used it, don't like it. I see it going for 8 Million.. And yet here I am, not being able to get rid of it at all. It feels so unfair..
  18. Jorlak

    EU Enforcer Clan

    Good afternoon, I would like to join a serious, active and English clan. If there's anyone out there that knows about a clan or if you are in need of new recruits. Please hit me up! Thank you. Regards, xFlame
  19. Theres nothing fucking wrong with incest. Some may argue its unnatural, but so is being gay theres nothing bad about it. Also some ppl say its "gross" lmfao get over urself nobody cares I wouldnt fuck my brother but Im not gonna lie hes really fuvcking hot but people need to let ppl do whatever they want as long as its consensual adults and they dont have kids wit eachother
  20. No thank you!, Any rocket launcher or grenade launcher in the hands of a average player is already more than dangerous
  21. Guy sitting next to me flipped out when I stood up to leave, he’s like wait bro, you’re gonna miss the end credits scene! I looked at him solemnly stating: there is no end credits scene. He looked at me with a face of pure disbelief crossed with horror. It’s not possible! He said to me. Oh but it is... I replied. The saga has come to a close, and thus the end credits scene would fufill no purpose. I quickly turned to leave; peering out of the corner of my eye, The man had his phone out and was consulting the international knowledge base for closure on this matter. Before I was able to leave, I felt his hand on my shoulder, he says to me, there is something at the end. I was shocked! Surely there was not! But alas, I trusted the stranger, and sat through the entire credits. The screen faded away, and to my absolute shock, the man was right. Appearing on the screen were 5 fateful words that have defined me to this day They read: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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