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  1. Reloaded "Q1 2014" also just ~ 321 weeks ago. Seems legit.
  2. WTS everything! i'll just stick to my ffa r&d, ursus, 1 of the showstoppers and 1 of the volcanos... i'll also keep 1 huntress till temptress comes from contact... so i'll sell nearly every other legy just tell me EDIT: I won't sell my legys
  3. Okay than... Call her however u want to, give her any background... that's not important.... but she should give all her Armas clothing as customizable version for JT... it's not a matter of opinion, this is the truth ! Good luck to everyone
  4. Best looking: ffa, Anubis Best sound: ...dunno... Worst looking: ...dunno... Worst sound: all Cars!
  5. And why? Ur eys cappable of realising 144 frames per second? Than i really want ur eyes... If u tell me u can SEE a difference betwenn 100 an 200 fps i'd call that bullshoot...
  6. Okay than i got to thank you! U probably support this newshool, alpha, early acces, no no we have to be happy with what we got bullshoot what is destroying computergaming nowadays... Thx for that... Ur oppinion is that i spam? My oppinion is that i just remind some ppl, that forgot about the money they earn. I respect and accept ur oppinion but can u accept mine too? Btw ur comments on my posts doesn't help either okay...
  7. Just one question... what do u think u can get out of this 144+ fps? Let me tell u... a normal human eye is cappable of realising 25 fps (real fps) so for ur eye >60 fps in a game doesn't make any difference! Thats simply it... I also got a 144hz (165hz oc) monitor and yea i know exactly what u are talking about okay. My concerns is that u just talk about comic games. I mean valorant? Apex? really? I'd understand u talking about bfV or something... but really 80% of PCs out there are cappable to run CSGO with +-300 fps... it just doesnt make u better.
  8. Why should u buy a 144hz monitor if u got a low end PC? Whats the logic behind this?
  9. Fix crashes, fix desynced doors but than launch as fast as possible! My 2 Cents
  10. There will be more and more of those graphic cards in time... and "the fix" simply is the engine upgrade... May i ask what u do to support LO? I mean other than writing nonsense in forums... For my part i spend lots of Money cuz i still believe in APB. So tell me why shouldn't i ask for the engine upgrade as much as i want to? I'm a customer I want at least something playable.
  11. i just need ONE response from LO... when ist the engine upgrade (the fix for this) ready? so...
  12. buy RTX2080 (what isn't old hardware) and u will get ur memory crash every 15-30min no worries.
  13. yea well... LO just spit us (me) paying RTX customer into the face... but yea i'll wait for the engine upgrade in 2033...
  14. i got issues playing with my RTX card... still... any FAQ for that?
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