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  1. yes you want as much body movement as possible clearly good for reflexes and aim.. dont listen so much to what people are saying here. completely wrong forum to ask.You just have to train and get the muscle memory as soon as you get it you can expand it to another weapon there is no tutorial on how to get better aim in games that will help you for real.they will give you their settings and it will not help you at all.may even make you worse because everyone is different everyone in cs doesnt play with the same dpi / sens everyone in cod doesnt play the same dpi / sens everyone holds the mouse in different ways everyone has different mice what i am saying is that you have to find your style your dpi your sens and play play play to find it
  2. you need a weapon that you move with and are not fully auto to train aim with i would recommend pitols 45 / obeya fbw
  3. i have received that message when I reported people. but he stands in front of me
  4. hello all again i sold a police pioneer today hope you are happy with the car. but did not get a screen shot on it so i show you my latest project instead. it is the AK BISHADA from the loading screen in apb. will probably change some stuff but want it as close to the original as possible and not go overboard write a comment and say what you think
  5. 3 happy customers today hope you will be happy with the cars.can always write if you want to add somethings some want light designs and others heavy how ever I thank you for choosing me to create your car
  6. hello all,I have started selling cars in APB EU if you want a designed car dont hesitate to write a personal message to me. I make all kinds of cars both as a criminal and enforcer. I will be in contact with you in discord while we create the car and you can send me pictures on how you want your car to look. if you do not have discord we can solve it another way.here are some examples
  7. Caisey thanks for your thoughts on it caisey I will have a break from the current live version.and we will see how it ends after the new engine is live
  8. its not that bad Aeronaut i was expecting much worse comments it is apb. not all people are AH,s
  9. chill it will probably be fixed in 1 month or 2.and if they only had room for a number of players that is completely understandable if that is the case it is a BETA ppl. but you should not have called it a open beta you know your hardware if it is capable of open beta.now I dont know what the problem was saw a lot of speculation. but you should have been more transparent if there is a player cap in the open BETA.people with bad internet may have spent 6/8 hours downloading the client and again 2 hours trying to get in its bound to get people angry.
  10. ReperTheButcher I will have a break from the current live version.and we will see how it ends after the patch and stop calling me legend sever ferst 100k kills HAHAHAHAH
  11. why do players that are a direct contributor to the cheating problem sharing their opinion I do not understand.maybe to uphold their fake prusona who knows.. you know who you are I wait a while and see how it will be when the new patch arrives. thank you for all the good suggestions i was expecting much worse comments maybe see you tonight when i try the beta test but I will have a break from the current live version
  12. I am considering deleting my account yes. the game is more frustrating than fun as it is now and I see nothing happening to fix the problem. but the red tape attitude does not make things better this problem is not new you just have to wait and hope it gets better but it does not get better. i see the same cheaters in fc all the time 6+ cheaters on both sides i have reported them for weeks wallhacks triggerbot no recoil saw people with no aim today the first time i saw that in apb.i get cheaters 1 out of 3 games sometimes you get to play against them 3 4 times in a row all you can do is wait for the match to be over and let them win.you get frustrated unpleasant and angry in the chat to people who dont deserve it Im not saying that everyone in apb cheats but it is too much cheaters got so frustrated yesterday that I spit out a lot of stupid words to people and if one of you read this I apologize for my behavior to you all.I write things to cheaters but when people who havent done anything get shit I feel that it is too much. I play games to have fun but right now its only the cheaters having fun in apb.
  13. does anyone know if it is possible to delete an account if you contact support
  14. StraaZi

    please fix this

    are you a developer or something?? some pont as what.and yes we need a system for sorting weapons. everything lies completely unsorted and super frustrating to find the right weapon when you need it .we needed it when the game came out. do you know anything about when some pont is
  15. StraaZi

    please fix this

    We really need some type of profiles or favorites in weapons menu. some type of vapensotering is needed plz
  16. i see n-tec n-tec n-tec i say ATEC 100% on 1 to 35m face to face no cover atec melts n-tec users try it with a friend
  17. I feel that they turned FF off just because they realized how many cheaters is in APB then they panicked. turn it off we will ban 40% of the players on EU... people write about false flag bans =/. I do not think it was false flag bans they saw how much people cheat. and all BS on i have played for 3 weeks and not played against any cheaters. either you cheat yourself and want to get focus off the issue or you are paid to say that BS.i get cheaters 3 out of 5 games if you say something else you are full of BS
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