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  1. My Friend say me LO say a Sale come
  2. Comming a Halloween sale this year?
  3. when i see some Clothings it is better to give they not the Chance to Change o.o
  4. Are you want next bann ppl that use Macros? It is unfair, you play Duck/heavy and enemy play Obeya and Kills you faster then you can hit a 2 or a 3 hit. The Same with the FBW vs me with Carbine
  5. I do not doubt that I will not get an answer. But I will not like the answer. Is more the question why you have lost access. If it was a spell it will have its reason. If it is a mistake in the game, then that is mega handicapped. That was also a purely Retorische question, because it takes as long ^ ^
  6. I think it's cool that Matt Scott is ever so active here. But if I did not feel that I am now waiting 35 days and then it says we have banned him but we can not give you your weapons again. I then waited 35 days for the sunsets and the person is with the weapons already on his Main Acc and is happy about because fat profit and that it will not be punished. Plus, if there are 5 - 10 people sitting in support, who should answer 50 - 100 tickets per day?
  7. Thx for the Move and the answer. But is not it sad to be proud that you only need 35 days? I do not know if I'm spoiled but nomal should have an answer in 1-2 weeks. Did it feel that a person alone has to answer all the tickets. xD I hope that the guy is banned from my ticket and I get my weapons again T.T
  8. What's up with support? Man writes a ticket a month ago and no answer. Who's ingame Weapons and does not interest them felt. You will scamt and thinks you need a quick response so that things can be backfanned. But again no answer for days, is the normal? Am clearly better player support accustomed
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