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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, Alisha here. This will be another huge topic related if not the most, one of the most important argoments in games, Anti-Cheat. During my APB experience over the years i noted many changes on this one. I've got some questions for all of you, comment if you would like to share with everyone what you think. We could lose our accounts because of an incorrect cheat detection, and we are talking about hundreds if not thousands of $ lost, not going to talkign about the time spent on that specific account. So as you can imagine, this is very important, especially in games like this. 1) Why most of the companies care more in upgrading/changing the Anti-Cheat method but don't actually make it better by adjusting and monitoring over the periods? 2) What's the Best Anti-Cheat so far for you? Choose from this list and explain why or name and then explain if it isn't included [Not in order] - PunkBuster - FairFight - BattlEye - Easy Anti-Cheat - Denuvo Anti-Cheat - Riot Vanguard (Riot Games) - Kaspersky Anti-Cheat - Valve Anti-Cheat (Steam) - nProtect GameGuard 3) Do you wish to see Any changes about EAC? If yes, which one/s? 4) What you think about the future of APB: Reloaded? (Always related to that argoment) 5) What is gonna happen after the release of APB 2.1? Is Little Orbit exploring new ways behind the scenes/improving EAC? -- We just don't know nothing yet about that, but i "hope" that we will be able to see that, if not soon, well.. sort of demostration? I don't know. See you in-game or in another topic. Maybe Matt will answer some interesting questions inside his.. hmm.. AMA on reddit? Sort of Q&A. Im hopeful for that one coming the 30th of this month. The thing im not reccomending at all to LO is to write/talk very detailed about how the Anti-Cheat works and what they do behind the scenes, which is kinda controversy to everything i just asked above, but not entirely. More details given, more ways for hackers to avoid these ones and knowing better the system means much more cheat programs around. -- Last thing i forgot to say. FairFight wasn't trash, was just not paid under G1 and left unmaintained because they couldn't pay it. If you search online there are many games running it, and is just wonderful. Of coruse any of these needs to be handled with much care and attention, if you don't wanna fall inside false positives again. A suggestion i would put is.. making the Broadcast System to post a global message with the number of cheaters have been banned in the last 24 hours, like in BF1 or even R6S. I wanted to let you all know like Matt stated, FairFight is still in the game, just in the background, useful for other reasons i think. As i knew this was until the introduction of EAC, after that i don't know exactly. There are Many, Many methods, to detect cheaters (in general), and im so curious to know what is the way this game will take. @MattScott
  2. Hey, Alisha here. Since LO took over i have so many questions inside my head, but acvtually i am more curious about something announced back in August 2019. Matt published a topic named "APB Brand and IP expanding in Asia". The original link to it is this: On the first sentence you can see he said that a group named Unit Game, have put on the website https://apb.com/. Next he said "We basically realized that developing both APB Reloaded and APB2 was too much for us.", then "APB Reloaded is staying with Little Orbit" and then "Unit Game will spearhead a new game starting on mobile in Asia." What does that mean? I have couple questions for this. -- 1) While Matt himself said what you read above and into the topic he made, i can't understand something.. APB Reloaded is staying with Little Orbit, while as i imagine, APB2 (which is APB UE 4.0 / APB2 as new game) is going with the other group because the Australia team cannot make it, next you can find this "we lack mobile experience to expand the brand." What he is trying to tell is that Unit Game will do a Mobile version of APB with UE 4.0? If he was talking about the PC version of it, which will also be made (i suppose) by the same group, what's the point on selling and make that Another company/group make a version of APB, which will be different, but with the newest engine / an entire new game, couldn't LO hold APB2 with them and keep doing what they were? Maybe pay more attention to the actual 3.5? 2) Now i am more confused because APB2 which is theorically APB Unreal Engine 4.0 or an entire new game, is now called APB 2.1, which is going to be Beta pretty soon, but with Unreal Engine 3.5? So.. why 2.1 UE 3.5 and the other one 2 UE 4.0 / entire new game? Seems they messed up the names or the numbers somewhere. 3) "Unit Game will spearhead a new game starting on mobile in Asia." Why on mobile when APB came out on PC literally 11 years ago? Then why the words "new game"? Is it going to be called in a different way? Because as i know you sold the Brand, so it should be called APB anyway, no? Am i wrong? Another interesting thing is, why in Asia? What about US, UK, EU? Yes, i know "starting on" but still, couldn't do Asia and EU for example? 4) "Unit Game is a Hong Kong based company that develop games with strong IP." Firstly, is it a group or a company? No one knows except LO Second, that "company" develop games with strong IP, i am interested in knowing which popular games at this point. Matt said that has been added by them later on, before the release of that press but still, we need to know which games, if there are any. 5) Who is behind that company? The website is the same since the announcement, minor changes have been made but not important ones. You can't find the company itself anywhere on Google, which is alredy a bit suspect. The only way to find it's name is by visiting the links kind players of this community posted under the original topic. We don't even know who is the CEO and how big is the team behind there. This ipothetic company got founded back in June/July 2019, so, couple months before the actual announcement by LO. I think this is pretty much straight forward, no? How can a company created few months before, have popular games and doesn't even have a own website, like LO? The only "website" is the one related apb, which is not really a website but more a.. virtual library with the history of the game itself, which, alredy everyone knows. -- I just want LO to be more open with us, with the community, also because there isn't nothing new about this, and im not talking about couple fixes, im talking about a big announcement. I can understand with everything planned is a bit difficult, but we at least need some new infos on that, maybe also from someone from their team? Im talking about Unit GameE, would be interesting. Last point, Matt talked about making sure Little Orbit channels were more active, both YouTube and twitch, talking together, having fun also, interacting, but this never came to an actual progress. Only in the last week they announced the Beta and finally Matt himself said that he will host a stream after others to (show?) maybe more and answer to our questions. I hope that everyone will understand what i mean by saying all these things. Good reading and can't wait to see the comments on what peoples think. Final questions are: What's BEYOND APB 3.5 and the things we know alredy? What's the future of this game? What are the plans LO is thinking to follow? (PS i tried to get in touch with Unit Game but they never answered to me.)
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