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  1. Buy a ntec, an oscar, and a close weapon like oca whisper or joker tas.
  2. I think its fair to give the skin to everyone who participated.
  3. The problem, in my opinion is the same 3 people keep winning over and over again. Fact is those 3 are skilled players. Fact is those 3 people put a wall before the skin (which they already have) for other players. And this is a problem. Another fact is a lot of not-so-skilled players participate in the event only for the skin, because if you remove them, probably there will not be enough people to even start a match. This situation is leading those players to quit the event (fact is the first week in Jericho there were 400 players online and tonight there were 176 - 3 weeks later). If the reward were obtainable, ppl would return to play again, but instead, they keep getting frustrated and quitting the event.
  4. Inverzus

    Thigh High Boots

    Hello! I'd like to make a suggestion: make thigh high boots buyable without the dress to kill kit. I confess i always wanted them, but never wanted the other items that comes on the pack. That said, tyvm!
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