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  1. I asked my symbol capacity to be increased thru LO support 2 weeks ago. They refused to increase it and said It was available before but they don't provide it anymore. Some people have 95 symbol capacity but I have only 50. It's so unfair right now. We can't increase it. Matt said many things but showed nothing so far. It has been years.
  2. I have 70 different items that I want to sell in this dead game. UI/UX is horrible compare to modern standarts. Selling multiple stuff on Marketplace everyday is very tedious. I request LO to increase the item duration for Marketplace until you provide some QoL & UI/UX improvements to the game you bought. Those durations are not well thought from the beginning. Time goes fast. 1 hour, 8 hour means nothing and nobody use auctions anymore. My suggestion is : 1 hour -> 1 day 8 hour -> 3 day 24 hour -> 7 day
  3. My issue with the game is actually not cheating. It's fast-firing macros and .45 pistols. Using macro to shoot is Forbidden. Yet, half of the population use it without consequences. I report them and nothing happens. I report them to GM's. They don't care. They even warn you for name shaming.
  4. Maximum 24-hour item listing in a dead game using this horrible interface what makes me sad.
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