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  1. Man... I wanted to write a wish..... I ended up in an existential crisis.
  2. Right now I feel like I want to smack a very specific person who started all of this. Not in an angry way, in a very educative way.
  3. I used visa 1 week ago and I didn't have any hidden cost. I took the 10 dolar pack, my bank account is in -10 dolars.
  4. The stream was a great idea, it just needs a few tweaks like maybe solo queuing, new account.
  5. Improve don't remove, move forward not backward you apes.
  6. Stay on topic, no self advertising.
  7. I personally do not agree in mixing high skilled players with low skilled players, even if the team is balanced. For low skill ones its crap cuz he hardly has any 1v1 chance against anyone resulting in unsatisfying gameplay. And the high skill ones will whine about their crap team member and how he is the biggest noob. I believe this suggestion might bring even more toxicity.
  8. As I said before, just open conflict is not the answer, it will become a massacre from the perspective of low skill player. Also its not recommended to hurt that player base because that player base its mostly made of new players. You need those if you want to revive the game. That is why I suggested another type of matchmaking when you join the district.
  9. Thank you for the observation, I hope its more clear now.
  10. I personally have no problem with open conflict but that is because I can handle the majority of the player base. But I think you guys over estimate a low silver and underestimate a high gold. Open conflict will be a massacre.
  11. I understood your suggestion, no, english is not my native language (if it matters anyway), no, this is not what I am suggesting,
  12. I don't see the link between my suggestion and maintaining the threat percentages. Regardless, I don't see how this improves matchmaking. Might actually hurt it, depending on how it is implemented. Scratch that. It makes a nice visual effect but no matchmaking effect.
  13. Yes, I know they are planning to add phasing, and I can't wait for it, but it will require a lot of work. I am hoping for my suggestion to fit somewhere between this pile of crap and our salvation. A quick fix and easy fix until we get a better matchmaking.
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