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  1. I don't think that there's as many as there used to be before BE, you have to realize that there will be some level of cheating going on regardless of solution used. I'm playing on Citadel silver districts and having average 50% victories or less. In my point of view, i can say there are a lot of cheaters on Citadel. Still - Every time when i play 1 or 4 matches, i get a cheat opponents, like this video shows: and btw, what is your main character name?
  2. Better DDos protection yes, but don't we already have one of the best client sided anti-cheat solution there is? I don't know what server you are on but i still see cheaters on Citadel, Silver district.
  3. that makes me sad, when i read this, i hope your dream cums true.
  4. Don't do this! We need more people to spend money for better Anti DDos Protection and better Anti-Cheat! Just feed LO with more money and lets hope they gonna fix everything. I'm serious.
  5. any wishes left? just post it here...
  6. 1 V 1 VIP mission is more cancer. No, you are not authorized to call a backup. here is an example: (not mine)
  7. This forum is a playground for kids, so, do never ask a serious question!
  8. Is it possible to load all symbols by one click? Like this here:
  9. Ok, im waiting like 5 years now and nothing happen. Is there any method to get unbanned? Support doesn't even reply to my ticket.
  10. thanks for replying to us. We heavy need Anti - DDos protection.
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