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  1. this isnt a unique situation to me and infact every single player i have talked to has had same thing happen to them constantly since yesterday
  2. maybe the so called "ddos" attacks they cant conterol but what about the bug where it randomly disconnects people for no reason? thats isnt result iof no ddos os it wasnt a problem till after the buf fix yesterday
  3. Will we be getting any compensation for this game breaking glitch that makes it basically unplayable? every day i come on and this game lags and for past 2 days constant disconnects mid mission and when designing cloths. I pay for premium for what? i cant play the game so why i give you my money for this. Will you be giving all players compensation for you making the game unplayable like premium or free weapons because we pay for this stuff with our money and it is very unfair that we do not get the experience we are paying for.
  4. https://gyazo.com/d98616296e3464cb6db574228713883b this is picture of what keeps happening i get kicked mid mission and says this even tho people i play with still there
  5. every time i go into game within 10 minutes it disconnect me and say server has gone offline but people are still there
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