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  1. NO PAIN NO GAIN!! I'm just joking, you should go for this suggestion
  2. Same, if i open ARMAS my game crashes Game so broken i can't even throw away my money
  3. Costumize your outfit Or just earn $$$$ and flex on others with how many legendaries you have.
  4. What happened to the "We welcome you to APB LO" or the, "We are so glad you guys are making changes!" I guess the new memo here is "YOU MESSED WITH MY DEAR IR3 AND SHOTGUNS SO NOW SHOTGUN PLAYERS CAN EZ BEAT MY TRYHARDING SKILLS WITH NTEC YOU LO SCUMM!!1" Heres what it is: It's not the devs fault if you're bad, get rekt folks! ^-^ Sad xd Keep up the good work LO! i usually do this just to annoy people xd and! for the post count aswell, forgot to add that :3 you see, i really like to annoy people
  5. I know that, that is why i like this update. EDIT: Also! i really enjoy the IR3 change. But everyone seems to be bitching about every step LO does now. OMERGOD LO U DIDN'T DO WHAT WE WANTED SO NOW WE BLAME YOU!!1!! >:C
  6. OH NUUUU MY NTEC IS BROKEN WHAT DID YOU DOOO LO!!!!1 I QENT TREYHARD ANIMOR WIT TEH NTAC ND JOMP IN CORNRS AND SPREY WILE MIDEIR!!!1 FAKEYU LO YOU BROKE DE GUN I AM ONLY GUD AT!!!1!1 -Literally everyone who is mad about this update. To be honest i like it this way ^-^ Fun fact, i play NTEC aswell :3
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