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Found 3 results

  1. LAST MINUTE EVENT TELL YOUR FRIENDS Date: 7/4/2019 Time: 2:00 PM EST Location: Xbox, Finnancial District, Memorial Park Host: SPPD On July 4th at 2 PM EST the San Paro Police Department will be hosting a get together at the Finnancial District's Memorial Park. After hearing that there won't be an official event on Xbox, we've decided to host one. Bring your friends, fireworks launchers, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and if you don't have that any other kind of explosive will do. We're going to try to set an explosives air barrage record and hopefully not crash our already fragile servers. See you there! -JustinCarter Chief, San Paro Police Department
  2. SAN PARO POLICE DEPARTMENT The SPPD is a Non-Roleplay, Casual, PVP Clan on APB: Reloaded, originally from the Xbox One. We migrated to PC Jericho, established a precinct on the server, and are now opening recruitment to the public. Our site: www.APB-SPPD.com _________________________________________ The San Paro Police Department Clan was founded back in June of 2016 by JustinCarter. We are looking for individuals who want to be part of an active and structured organization that: utilizes communication, team work, and strategy to win, is heavily involved with the community, and aims to enjoy the game to the fullest while at the same time working to make it a better place. _________________________________________ To join the SPPD you must: Be mature. Be respectful. Be professional. Be able and willing to follow clan rules and guidelines. (Listed here) Be of age 17 or older. Have a working microphone. (NO STATIC, NO ECHO, NO VOLUME ISSUES) Speak fluent English. Have a clean community reputation There is no level or skill requirement. To apply, go to: www.APB-SPPD.com/recruitment
  3. The San Paro Police Department If you haven't noticed the city of San Paro isn't the safest city on the west coast it's time to fix that, but we need you. After massive lobbying with the San Paro Police Officer Association we've managed to get our budget increased by several dollars and are now able to step up recruitment efforts as well as open up positions for new officers. We have many positions with openings and different areas to specialize into including but not limited to a SWAT team and High Speed unit. That's where you come in, the SPPD is looking for individuals dedicated to going above and beyond the call of duty in serving the city. Our History: The San Paro Police Department started in July of 2010 under the Real Time Worlds release of APB. Since then we've continued to grow and refine as a clan many of us sticking together over the years. We've had up to 40+ members active daily with 20 patrol cars out on the streets at a time. Specialty Units: SWAT High Speed Unit Investigations Dispatch Cooperation: The SPPD is part of the San Paro Multi Agency Crime Enforcement (SP-MACE or MACE) which allows you to not only play with clan mates and friends in the SPPD but also cooperate and play with fellow agencies as well such as the San Paro Highway Patrol or the San Paro County Sheriff's Office. Where do I start?: Start by joining our discord and we'll make sure you're on your way to becoming an officer of the SPPD. Once you're accepted you'll become a police cadet and after a probationary period you can be promoted to officer. Requirements: -16+ to be an officer underage will stay as a Community Service Officer until of age. -Discord -The San Paro Police Department Discord Uniforms: Vehicles: Media:
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