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  1. so many long texts about a game that barely hits 1000 players on peaks hours, come on guys, if you still enjoy the game, just play it, if you don't enjoy it anymore, just leave, like everyone else did.
  2. I don't get it how LO didn't figured out how to patch this, it's a REALLY simple exploit, i was like "it's that all?" when i understood how it works.
  3. Can we get a CaioSparkz phonecase? Pretty cool guy u kno :^)
  4. I'm not sure about that, but i do agree that it need to works to every south american player, i believe the Hoplon servers were in São Paulo
  5. APB2? For how many centuries i've been sleeping?
  6. This is probably the best idea i've seen in YEARS for this game, the only thing i disagree is the location for the South American Servers, i would change from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, i believe most of the Brazilian APB players are located there, including myself.
  7. Bring back the N-TEC 5 from 2012, is the most balanced version of the weapon :^)
  8. Caio Sparkz

    Be Blind!

    The Khajiits on TES IV look better
  9. Yeah, some beautiful muscular manly men, i loved it.
  10. Why did i search for "Bara" on google? I dunno, kinda regret it.
  11. I don't even what should i say, i'm disappointed but i totally understand that some sh*t went awfully wrong. Part of me just want to say "haha fk LO u never deliver stuff on the promised time", but a major part is so fukn glad that you guys still fighting to bring new stuff for this beloved buggy mess that we call APB. Hope you guys can fix everything in time.
  12. Você esta conectando em um servidor americano ou europeu, do Brasil e com uma internet merda e ainda quer reclamar do lag? Que piada.
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