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  1. So before I had a problem where I would randomly crash when selecting a spawn after dying. I later realized that this problem only happened when playing on waterfront. After the most recent update I crash when picking a spawn after just joining waterfront. So at the moment. I can go into social and financial but not waterfront.
  2. Whenever I die there's a chance my game will crash in the pick spawn screen. I recently upgraded to a 2070 and I'm wondering if that is the cause. I haven't had this problem until after upgraded. I've let the game repair and I've done a reinstall. Anyone have any suggestions? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Am I wrong? In my experience the Tommy, aces, Norsemen, Curse, and Entente aren't very consistent when fighting ntecs cqc.
  4. I think all of the smgs other than the oca, manic, pmg, and Vas-C2s should at least be brought up to par with the old oca. Most of the smgs can't even beat an ntec in close quarters due to high ttk (such as the Norsemen) or extreme inaccuracy (such as the Aces smg). Smgs are my personal favorite category of weapon and it's a shame that there's so little variety in competitive choices.
  5. Shout out to my Non Binary and Nonconforming peeps B-)
  6. Look it up on google images. I want some THICK men.
  7. Is there anyone out there making bara and gay shit like that cuz I need me something cute to spray around in the district. HMU if you have anything to offer. edit: I do have a specific image in mind. Just trying to find someone with experience in the "anime" style
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